[PS4/PS5] [2116] [Gameplay]

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My friend and I were playing co-op(he is on a ps5 and I’m on a ps4). We got to day 18 and I started noticing some glitches. I would open a crate and nothing would show up in the crate and when I closed the crate all the items would show up outside of the crate for me(non host). They would still appear inside of the crate for the host. We were returning back to our main island after an adventure and then our island wouldn’t load anything in. It would eventually kick me out basically saying I lost connection and then the island would load for the host. I would be able to join the game after the host invited me back into the game. The island would be loaded but I would try to access any crate and nothing would be in any of the crates. And the items would show up outside of the crate. I’ve tried restarting my PlayStation and it didn’t help.


We have it set to the default setting and no custom islands

I have no idea what causes this to happen

I’ve tried letting my PlayStation sit. I have tried restarting my wifi. I’m out of ideas on what could fix this.

Same issues by me. But my friend and I both use a PS4.

Also the game crashes while saving from time to time.

Hi VaderScopes, welcome to the forums,

My apologies for the delay in responding to you. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with multiplayer in Stranded Deep and thank you for the details you’ve shared so far.

Please let me know:

  • Are you in the same household on the same connection or separate households?
  • What is the NAT type in the Network settings of both of your consoles?
  • What router and ISP are you using? (if separate households, please also list your friends router type and ISP if possible)
  • If you travel to islands separately, does the same issue with loading the island occur or can you pass through that midway loading point okay? Or, if you don’t have any resources on your raft, so you’re not crossing the loading point between two islands with a large amount of resources, does the same issue occur?

Your description of the items in crates matches a desync issue the team have been working on, which if I recall correctly is possibly a knock on effect from other multiplayer connection issues the team are investigating. At the moment the only known workaround for Player 2 seeing items in crates is for the host to remove the items and place them back into the crate which refreshes the crate for player 2.

You mentioned that you noticed issues starting around Day 18. Can you recall what you were doing in those initial 18 days or just before the issues started occurring? Were you harvesting islands for all their resources and bringing them back to your base island, exploring, crafting large volumes of items? Also, if you know if anything changed in your internet connection(s) around that time, whether it be a router change or service upgrade etc, please let me know.

Thank you

Hi mcpershing,

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