[PS4][2116] Crashing when saving and Disconnects when travelling

Not to sound rude but I really wonder if this ever will be fixed? I’m playing this game for over 2 years now and still having this issue. While playing alone and playing coop. It makes the game unplayable since everything you do can’t be saved. We can’t progress at all, need to save every 5 minutes and hope it’s not crashing.

We really enjoy this game but can’t play like this :frowning:

(The forum is kinda messy and we were not sure what’s really solved, known or new but we experienced many bugs and issues. If can can help explaining something please let me know.)

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Hi mcpershing,

I moved your comment to it’s own thread so I could discuss some of the things you mentioned directly and added in a copy of the info you shared in the “Known Issues” report too so I could keep everything together. .

Firstly, I’m sorry that the forums have been difficult for you to navigate. While we do have a “Known Issues” section, we greatly appreciate all reports from players on issues even if we already know about them. Not only does this help us track those affected, but sometimes a report of a player’s own unique experience of an issue can help us in finding the source of and resolving issues quickly. So if there is anything else you wish to report, please do not hesitate to do so, and I will pass it onto the team or submit new reports for issues if required.

Regarding crashing in game:
(Please bear with me if any of the questions are repeating info you’ve shared previously or if it overlaps with info you’ve shared regarding the connection issue)

  • You mentioned playing alone and playing co-op, is this the same save, or do you have a single player save also?
  • What in-game days are you on in the relevant saves?
  • Does the crashing occur on one island in particular, or around multiple islands?
  • Have you placed multiple shelters around the map to use for saving when traveling / exploring in game? I believe the team is currently testing a fix for an issue that they found could occur with this kind of setup. If this is the case in your game, removing the shelters and using a bedroll when you arrive at an island may help. (Please note the team are also investigating issues that can happen when saving on water, so using the bedroll on your raft is not advised as a workaround at the moment)
  • If there’s any additional information you can share about your gameplay or island setup that you feel may be a contributing factor (eg: The issue became worse after X was built or after X in-game day) please let me know. Especially if you are using two different saves and the issue started to occur around the same time in gameplay for you.

Regarding disconnections:
Thank you for sharing the info about your connection setup.

  • What ISP and routers are you both using?
  • Has using an EU region or selected region instead of Auto helped with connections at all?
  • Do the issues still occur if the host and Player 2 are swapped?
  • You mentioned noticing disconnects around day 10. Would this have been around the same time you started crashing in the game also?
  • If player 2 travels separately, does the disconnect still occur?
  • What items or additions would you have on your raft and would the issue be more likely to occur if storage on the raft is full?

I completely understand how frustrating these issues can be for players and any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated and I will pass it onto the team for their investigation and reference when testing potential fixes for issues.

Thank you.

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Hey Clare,

I didn’t got a notification and didn’t checked by myself. Kinda awkward to answer now after this long time.

First of all thank you for your answer and your help in general!

About the crashing:

  • I have a singleplayer savefile and an extra multiplayer save
  • in my singleplayer save im around day 80 and multiplayer we are around day 40 (issues may started by day 20)
  • it happens on multiple, maybe even all, islands
  • we usually dont save on a raft/the water at all
  • we use a bedroll and no shelters
  • on our main island is just one bedroll which is on a fix place
  • we have some old shelters somewhere (we could search them and remove them)
  • we try to use piles and crates for everything to reduce the items as much as possible

About the disconnections:

  • I am using the “Deutsche Telekom” and my friend is using “1&1”
  • we did not notice any difference between EU or auto region
  • we did not swapped the host since we thought the one who started the game should stay the host (we can try to swap)
  • I would say that the disconnections started earlier than the game crashing
  • we stay together most of the time but if player 2 is separately it still happens
  • we have 4x3 crates, a lamp and some sun protection - we didnt notice any difference between them empty or full, it just happens

Since posting this we stopped playing. By now there was an update which fixed the issues with empty crates for player 2 or items being outside the crates for player 2. The game still crashes and player 2 still disconnects.

Thank you for the help and the work you do.

Kind regards

Hi mcpershing,

Thank you for answering my questions and I apologize for my own delay in responding to you.

I’m glad to hear that the issue with the crates was fixed for you with one of the previous updates, but I am sorry to hear that the disconnects and crashes are still occuring for you.

The team are continuing to investigate crashes and disconnects for players and what some of the causes may be.

Can you confirm for me if you use custom islands in your saves at all and if you would have in the past cycled them to add additional resources to the game?

The issue where multiple shelters may have caused crashes should be resolved now I believe, so I do not think you should need to remove any extra ones you have in your game.

It may be worth the team having a look at your save considering these issues are persisting after a few updates now. The team cannot fix and return individual files, but they would use your save to try and find the cause of the issue and release a fix for all players. They may also be able to provide some suggestions depending on what they find.

If you’re happy to share your save file, please use the following steps.

Turn on PS4 / PS5

  1. Insert an External USB Drive into one of the 2 USB ports on the front of the console.
  2. In the main menu, go to “Settings”
  3. Click on “Application Saved Data Management”
  4. Select “Saved Data in System Storage”
  5. Select “Copy to USB Storage Device”
  6. Select Stranded Deep
  7. Select all files and press “Copy”
  8. Wait until transfer is complete
  9. Remove External Drive
  10. Zip up all files copied to USB drive including “.bin” and “Profile” files
  11. Host the .zip file on Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive or similar.
  12. DM the share link to me and I can pass the saves onto the team.

Thank you.

Hey Clare,

I do not use customized islands at all.

Besides of that: Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

I will send you my safe file as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

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Thank you mcpershing - I responded to your DM :slight_smile: