PS4 Patch 6 Boat disassemble

Cant disassemble my Ship.
The message appears that something is still mounted on the boat but there is nothing on it.

If you have more than one base attached to the piece you’re trying to demolish, you won’t be able to do so. It’s a likely known bug with how long it’s been affecting rafts.

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I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your save. As Shokujin mentioned this is one the team are aware of ( [Known Issue] Deconstruction of raft bases ) and has affected rafts for a while but may not affect every save. Is this your first save or have you had others where this was not an issue?

The team are investigating this issue but unfortunately we do not have a workaround for it at this time.


New to the game and really been addicted… decided to try and bring resources back as extensions on my boat. Plank flooring and buoys raft bases… I cannot deconstruct them again even parts that aren’t touching more than one base. Essentially about to set off my raft to the sun set while world editing another island to try and make up for lost resources that way. It seems that people say it’s to do with the shape but I don’t know…

Still enjoying the game though so keep up the good work

So, I don’t know if this helps. But after testing 3 raft bases in a row and seeing that it still disassembled, that’s how I’ve been gathering these but I noticed one set of 3 in a line wasn’t disassembling… giving me the supporting structure error. When I flipped it over how ever it worked which leads me to assume the orientation on the raft bases stop you from deconstructing if they are upside down… I think? Maybe that might help you guys if you set the bases to orient automatically when building because I think upside down or not you can still build on them like normal. Might be something to look into? @Clare @Shokujin


So when you flipped your base upsidedown you were able to disassemble?

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I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the game! Thank you for sharing what worked for you I shall add this potential workaround to the Known Issues post I linked above and I will add this information to my report for the team also.

In future, please try avoid posting on much older threads as per forum guidelines (Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep) as it helps to keep the forums tidy. Though the issue still exists sometimes new information is available in more recent posts - the “Know Issues” posts would be an exception to that rule. Please also feel free to create a new post and link back to an older one if you wish to reference it :slight_smile:

Thank you again for sharing this info!