Ps4 multiple bugs

How do you expect to play a game that lags alot and boots you every 5 to 10 minutes when trying to play with a friend not to mention the loss of tool belt and sharks not spawning in very often and the loss of large hogs

Hi Warlord13,

I understand these issues can be frustrating and that they can have a significant impact on gameplay for players. The team are currently working on the next update for PS/Xbox and any extra information on issues experienced by players is greatly appreciated.

I would be particularly interested to know more about sharks not spawning in frequently in your save as this issue is not reported as often by players. Please note, however, that changing wildlife settings can reset spawn cycles and sharks may take time to spawn around custom islands.

The team would also benefit from a copy of your Multiplayer save if possible. The team are unable to fix and return individual saves, but they are used to investigate issues and test fixes that would be released for the community as a whole. If you’re happy to share your save, the details can be found here: [Save File Request]