PS4 Multiplayer connections

PS4 here n everyone I knos disconnected from multiplayer truly ruined the game don’t get y u guys can’t fix it obviously not peoples internet or there problem it’s something on ur guys end fix it before u destroy ur name n respect

Live on east coast so it’s not that either been this problem since game started wit multiplayer go new island instantly problems start

Hi Billy1998, welcome to the forums,

I have moved your post to its own thread so I can address your issue directly and as the thread you were posting on was also from an older version of the game.

The team are aware of issues affecting multiplayer connections for players and are investigating them. Any extra information you can share about your experience would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team in their investigation. As each user’s connection and multiplayer setup can be different, the more information we have, the better.

Please let me know:

  • Are you playing on a wireless or wired connection? (Recently a player was experiencing issues with maintaining connections and hosting a game on their PlayStation while someone in the same household had no issue. The difference was they were using a wired connection. Once they switched to wireless, they were able to maintain better connections in multiplayer)

  • Can you confirm for me you are playing the latest version? If so the number 2083 should be displayed in the bottom left of the main menu. If you’re not on the same version as another player, this could prevent a connection from occurring.

  • When starting a multiplayer save, which region are you using? If you are using a specific region, please try using “Auto” or choosing a different region such as Europe to see if that makes a difference for you at all.

  • Other than disconnects, what other issues have you experienced with your multiplayer gameplay? Please also let me know if there is a specific point during gameplay where you’ve noticed the disconnects are more likely to happen and what each user is doing at that point.

  • Though fairly uncommon as the cause of a connection issue, a player’s NAT type (this can be found in the console network connection settings) can have an effect on their multiplayer connection. NAT types 1 and 2 should have no issue connecting to each other, however NAT type 3 would have difficulty hosting and would have a more successful connection with NAT type 1. NAT type 2 is the most common and most players who’ve reported issues have had this type. Two NAT type 2 connections should have no issue / the issue wouldn’t be here. There are a lot of pros and cons to changing your NAT type - should anyone wish to do this, we recommend they do their own research so they can make a fully informed decision for themselves.

I understand these connection issues can be very frustrating, and again any additional information you can provide about your setup and gameplay would be greatly appreciated. If you change anything in your setup based on my comments above, please let me know if anything did or didn’t work for you, as this feedback can also be valuable to the investigation into connection issues.

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I am going to try these out the next time I play. I have been having the same issues. I usually play connected to a Lan cable as I figured that would give me the best connection so does my son. We will both try wireless we are in the same house. We both have the most updated version on the PS4. We use the Auto region option. We were very excited when we found out we could play multiplayer. We are not concerned about the end game we just want to survive and build an awesome base together. Then eventually start fighting the bosses. Love the game.

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Hi Seth_57, welcome to the forums.

I hope the suggestions above can be of some help to you. Please do let me know if they help at all as this feedback can be valuable for the team.

Thank you.