[PS4][latest patch][inventory] All my gear is gone

I updated the game, but when I loaded my file, everything I had in my inventory and tool belt was gone. I had a Pickaxe, Refined hatchet, brand new speargun, the last of my leather (unless the boars respawn soon), and some ammo. All of it, including the kindling I’d assigned to a tool belt, was gone upon loading my save file.

Hopefully this is a one-time loss, and that it won’t cause too many issues.

(unintentionally posted in the wrong category because of a discarded draft)

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Thank you for reporting this issue Shokujin, I’m so sorry to hear that your inventory is lost.

If you havent saved yet, have you tried reloading the save on the off chance it was a loading issue?

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Thanks for the help with the post move.

And unfortunately, the reload attempts didn’t fix the inventory loss. Thankfully I’ve still got everything that wasn’t in inventory, so I can still regain what was lost. Just have to be careful until I test how far this issue extends.

I’ll be doing that shortly by saving with some palm bunches in inventory to see if they disappear.

Actually, this issue seems more serious than I first thought…

All my skills got reset to zero as well, so I have to regain all of the crafts I had unlocked so far. Game progress didn’t change, though. Still have all the furnishings that weren’t in my inventory when the update was done.

Thank you for letting keeping my updated on what you’re seeing your your Save Shokujin. Is this save updated through from 1820 or one that was made in 2009?

I’m letting the team know and it appears you are not alone, others have found this too, Please let me know if anything keeps resetting for you.

It’s the new update that fixes the light hooks. I haven’t saved over my file yet, but I’m going to check my other saves to see if they’re being affected as well. I’ve got one other file that has decent progress.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I look through what’s affected.

I’ve checked my oldest save file, and it looks like the reset didn’t reach that file. Still have everything, including the texture-less tarps laying in the corner of the house I’d built on that particular save.

I’m glad to hear your other save wasn’t affected - out of interest, are there any difference in options or what version the save file was originally created in?

If you wouldn’t mind letting me know what’s in your players inventory for the unaffected file that might be helpful for the team.

Thank you again for reporting so quickly, I really appreciate it.

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I know how important reporting bugs like these can be, so I try to report what I can about them as soon as I notice something off after an update.

My older save file was before the 2009 update patch last month, while the one affected was made yesterday after I unintentionally save-deleted my data by exiting the game too quickly after saving.

On the unaffected file, I’ve got a Refined hatchet, a storage crate, speargun ammo, and a bed, plus kindling, a torch, a speargun, and binoculars in my tool belt.

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Perfect, Thank you Shokujin, I’ve complied a report based on your info for the team. And will keep an eye out from other other updates from you, though I do hope this issue is a once off for you at the very least.

If the team have any further questions about your save I’ll message you here.

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I have an additional update on the situation. Upon trying to regain lost progress on the affected save, I found that I’m unable to craft the tool belts from the craft menu, as though I still have them equipped, yet I’m unable to assign items to the 2 belts I had unlocked prior to the update.

I have not saved the attempted progress as a result of this discovery, as I’m unsure if adding a new belt will restore the missing ones.

For now, I’ll work on my older save file that remained unaffected.

This very same thing is happening to me

I too lost all on hand gear as well as had my skill levels all reset… Does nobody do several pass throughs of an update on a company save bank of game files to check for these types of errors ahead of time?

Same thing happening on XBOX!! This update just made things worse -.-

Do I really have to start from scratch?

So just for fun, without saving whether it works or not, try to build another toolbelt and see what happens from there. This was how I was able to figure out how to put stations in my shelter

Lost my inventory I believe it was a refined axe and a crude axe and all of my skills went to 0. However I do have everything that I crafted previously still on my island

Just went back to my original save slot 1 and everything is normal, however it seems that my recent save slot (slot 4) has been affected.

Thank you everyone for reporting if you have also experienced this issue, I’m sorry to hear your saves have been affected by this issue and I completely understand how frustrating this bug can be for players. The team are investigating the cause and any information you can provide about what was in your inventory, tool belt and hands may help. If you have multiple saves but only some are affected, details from affected and non affected would be great too.

If you have a save from 2009 that is affected, but you have not saved in 2033 yet, the team would greatly appreciate a chance to look at your save to see if it can provide clues to the cause. Please note we cannot fix and return saves but they would be used to work on a solution for the community as a whole. Unfortunately XBox cannot share saves, but the PS4 can. If you are happy to share your save please use the following steps…

To access the file:

  1. Turn on PS4
  2. Insert an External USB Drive into one of the 2 USB ports on the front of the PS4.
  3. In the main menu, go to “Settings”
  4. Click on “Application Saved Data Management”
  5. Select “Saved Data in System Storage”
  6. Select “Copy to USB Storage Device”
  7. Select Stranded Deep
  8. Select all files and press “Copy”
  9. Wait until transfer is complete
  10. Remove External Drive
  11. Zip up all files copied to USB drive including “.bin” and “Profile” files
  12. Email us the Zip files to contact@beamteamgames.com

or, if unable to send the files via email, upload the files to your Dropbox or other cloud file service and email us the link

If you let me know you sent the email and what subject you gave it (maybe including a forum username etc) I can grab it for the team and get it to them asap. @Shokujin as you mentioned not saving in an earlier message, would it be possible to see your save?

Thank you

Thank you for those details Hot_and_crusty. Could you tell me what is in your inventory on the non affected save? and if possible, if anything was in your hands other than the axes in the affected save?

Hi DivinePuppeteer,

Thank you for reporting this issue occuring for you on Xbox, I am sorry to hear your save has been affected. Please let me know what (if you recall) you had in your inventory and hands when you last saved and if you have multiple saves were they all affected? Inventory details for other saves would also be greatly appreciated.

The team are currently working on this issue so if you haven’t saved with an empty inventory yet, it might be worth holding off for the moment.