[PS4][2116] Crashing when saving

Came here to report the same issue. On PS4, saving the game sometimes causes it to crash. A lot of time lost on this bug.

Hi Gameflow, welcome to the forums,

I’ve moved your post to it’s own thread so I can address it directly and keep all info about your experience of these issues in one place for the team.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been affected by this crashing issue when playing Stranded Deep and I completely understand how frustration and dishearting it can be for players to loose progress to a crash.

The team are continuing to work on issues surrounding crashes affecting players. There is a new update in progress and due to be released soon that will contain a fix that addresses crashing in the game. However I unfortunately cannot confirm at this time if it will address the cause of your crashes specifically.

I’d greatly appreciate if you would please let me know the following:

  • Are you playing a Multiplayer or Single Player game?
  • What in-game day are you on currently and do you recall roughly when the issue started for you?
  • Do you typically use the bedroll or Shelter to save?
    • If you use the bedroll, are you saving on your raft? If so, where is your raft when you save?
    • If you use Shelters, do you return to a single island to save, or do you have multiple islands with shelters for saving when exploring / gathering resources?
  • Do you use custom islands?
    • If you do use custom islands, do you cycle them for resources?
  • Do you have a lot of resources / loose items gathered on your base island?
  • If your game has an established base island, please describe it for me.
  • Have you noticed anything in common between the gameplay sessions where the game does crash? For example harvesting a lot of resources, crafting items, etc?

Thank you.