[ps4] [2083] Items stuck in inventory (spears)

This isn’t a major problem since I’ve only seen it happen a few times under 2083, but it definitely never happened to me prior to this update and I’ve played the game a LOT.

Two or three times I’ve had spears stuck in my inventory that I could not drop or throw or even aim. In each case it was only one slot worth of woden spears, two or three of them. I believe (not 100% sure) in each case it was after I had finished killing a boss, and these were leftover spears. It’s an extremely rare occurrence, and I can interact with them again by saving and reloading the game. I have not seen it happen with anything other than crude spears (yet).

2083, single player, random map, with and without a custom island, no more than six or seven days into the game, no more than 20% of the map explored.

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Hi EDenney,

Thank you for reporting this. Even though it’s rare it’s good for the team to know about this issues in case it’s connected to something else or can result in a bigger problem.

I’ll submit a report to the team with this info and if you notice it occurring again or anything else in your inventory losing interactions, please let me know.

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