PS4/2079/falling from sky on load in/sharks pull me out of large cargo ships through the wall

when loading into any saved file, I fall from the sky and break bones every time after a save.
if I put a sleeping bag under cover in a hut, I land on top of the hut and have to jump down from it.
if it is a shelter I fall and break bones

issue 2 when swimming in a cargo ship and a shark is around he pulls through the walls into the ocean and swims away with me making me bleed. been happening through all updates since launch of game, (forgot to mention these) @Clare @ben @Developers @Beam_Team

For that reason landing on my house when loading up saved game seems to be happening to me too bit weird

Hi A_Coacherson,

I’m sorry to hear these issues are occuring in your save. Both of these are issues the team are aware of and I will add your details to my reports I have submitted to the team.

Do you recall anything unusal happening before the save where you started loading in and falling? Was your character injured or did they recieve fall damage at any stage or was there anything near or under you when you saved?

The workaround for this is one you have already found, saving in a hut will spawn you on the roof and prevent fall damage.

There is no need to tag dev accounts or Beam_Team in posts. I go through issues reported by players, respond and collect information as soon as I can. You really only need to tag me if you feel I may have missed your post (Please wait a few days before doing this though). I get to everything on the console side eventually :slight_smile:

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Quick follow up as I forgot to ask. If it is at all possible, would you be able to send us a copy of your save? Saves cannot be fixed and returned but they are used to find the cause of issues and test fixes. If you’re happy to do so, the instructions can be found here: [Save File Request]

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