[PS4][2074][Some bugs]

Hey guys, I would like to list some bugs here

Seed: #12283359
Day: 137
Main/first island

-When I load my saves I spawn some meters over my bed. So if I do It in a building I spawn on the roof. If I save in the open I spawn midair and take some fall damage. Although this doesnt happen everytime I load a save, but very often.
-Sometimes when I save, the game just crashes, really annoying. Time of the day or whatever Ive been doing doesnt matter, It happens very frequently.
-Sharks are kinda bugged in my game, some of them dont aggro and I cant attack/interact with them.

Have a good one :wink:

Hi BoruTaicho,

Thank you for taking the time to report these issues, some of the issues you mentioned are ones the team are aware of and I will address each one below.

Falling when loading the save

The team is aware of this issue and is investigating it. The current workaround, which I’m glad to hear works for you, is saving inside a building so you spawn on the roof. A few players have reported that when this happens in their save, only one island is affected. If they save on another island, they will load in at the correct height without issue. Is this what happens in your save too?

Please let me know if you recall anything occurring in your game before this issue occurred, such as taking fall damage before saving or if you saved using a particular item for the first time, or if you would keep supplies around your save point.

Crashing when saving

The team are continuing their investigations into what could be causing player saves to crash. As you are on PS4, it may be beneficial for the team to look at your save as it may help in their investigations. While the team cannot fix and return individual saves, they would use a copy of your save to help in their investigations and hopefully release a fix for the community as a whole. If you’d be happy to share a copy of your save, the details on how to do so can be found in my post here: [Save File Request]

Sharks not attacking

There are some sharks that would be considered passive. Can you confirm for me what type of shark you’re attacking / interacting with? This will help me to determine if this requires further investigation of if the shark in question is behaving as intended.

Thank you again for reporting these issues. Any extra information you can share would be greatly appreciated!