[PS4][2074][App/Game Closing down] Game closes down

After several saves, I can’t be sure on the exact number, the game keeps closing down, exiting and taking me to the PlayStation Error Report screen. This happens wether saving at the sleeping bag or the shelter. I have obviously forwarded the report every time but it is recurring quite often. Any ideas of the cause and, if so, any suggestions of a resolution?



Default settings

Saving at shelter or sleeping bag. Estimated to occur after somewhere between 6 to 8 saves.

Haven’t tried clearing cache. Could I have a detailed description of how to do so just so I’m clear on it?

Hi Corbyboi,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced crashes in the game. I’ve a [Known Issues] report on this here - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crashing when saving and have submitted a report to the team.

Thank for using the requested bug report format to report your experience of the issues. No need to tag me - I may be busy but I will get to every report from players :slight_smile:

I shall report the frequency of your version of the issue to the team. Does this occur on any island or have you noticed it only occurring on one island in particular?

Unfortunately the PlayStation error CE-34878-0 refers to the game crashing but does not give details on the cause so I appreciate you taking the time to report these extra details to us directly.

There is not much in the ways of workarounds that I can suggest at the moment (if this changes I will update the known issues report above) however if you would like to try clearing the cache, this can be done by shutting down your console and unplugging it for about 2 minutes before plugging back in and rebooting.

Can you also confirm for me if you’re in single player or multiplayer when this happens?

Thank you again.

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Thanks for the response Clare and apologies for the constant tagging. I’m new to this community thing lol. In answer to your question, yes it happens on all islands and it is occurring during single player. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for confirming that for me Corbyboi, I’ll update the details added to my report accordingly.

I know this issue is frustrating and again I’m sorry to hear it’s affecting your save. If you start to notice any kind of pattern or potential trigger while playing, please let me know.