PS4 2071 items dissapering and annoying sound when full and looking at items

-Since the update i noticed that when killing bats they sometimes dissapear through the ground after falling, causing me to loose my meal and sometimes a spear. This has happened in different game attempts and in my current game save.
-Can you please make it to where we don’t hear the (inventory full) sound every time we look at an item or chest when our inventory full.
-Can you make it to where there is a report bug tab in the in game menu so that way people have an easier time reporting bugs.
-I had to delete my last (92 day) game save due to it being unplayable. Couldn’t open anything on my home island caused me to die because I couldn’t get food or water and couldn’t refill water in planters.

Hi Abates - welcome to the forums,

I’ve responded to each of your items below…

  • Bats falling through the ground. This is an issue the team are aware of and asre working on. It appears to affect a number of items and may be one of the potential triggers for the interaction issue.

  • Full inventory noise. This is another issue the team is aware of and will be working to resolve. I understand this too can be a very annoying issue when moving around your island with a full inventory.

  • Bug report tab. I shall pass this suggestion onto the team and I appreciate you taking the time to visit our forums to report these issues.

  • Deleting a save. It sounds like this save was affected by the interaction issue. While we do not have a set timeline for a fix, one of the Dev team working on the fix has said that the fix for this issue should retro-actively fix saves that are already affected. While I understand it is too late for this save, if you have others affected I would recommend holding onto them for now.

More information and the latest updates on the interaction issue can be found here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions