Ps4 2071 having really hard time placing stuff

I have a really hard time placing downs some objects. Its really hard to find a place on the foundation that will support the camp fire. I have a wooden foundation on the ground and I want to put the fire place on it but it won’t let me. I want to put a few smokers here. I have the same problem with the furnace as well. Can you make it easier to place items and let us build closer to plant life like the edges of bushes and closer to other structures. It would be great if we could build all of out crafting stations in a building with ease.

Hi Abates,

This is a known issue that affects both console and PC. I have a post on here: [Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings - which includes some workarounds for placing items on foundation pieces and floors. I know they are not ideal, but hope they maybe of some help to you when setting up your base.

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