[PS4] [2071] [General Bugs/Gameplay]

Just wanted to report a few minor things since the latest update that brough multiplayer to PS4.


  • The time, date, and UV symbols on the watch display are too small, and you can see the ghost of the original large time 00:00 behind where the time is now shown (more noticeable during the day).


  • Bat carcasses disappear as soon as they land on the ground. I have found one floating off shore from the island I killed it on, but collecting it and dropping it on the ground in order to skin it causes it to disappear again. I have not checked to see if this also affects seagulls.

  • Shark music still plays in passive wildlife mode when one is near.

  • Meat cooking over a campfire (without a smoker/spit/being attached) slowly drifts at the elevation it was dropped onto the fire (I think North but I didn’t check); it will continue to cook but could potentially be “lost” if left unattended.

  • The original yellow raft will snap to shore when anchored near objects it can collide with (when out of view). This happened when I paddled to a wreck, anchored, explored, then resurfaced and the raft was back on the sand; the anchor had been retracted. I believe it collided with part of the shipwreck.


  • Bat sounds occasionally play during the day while swimming, and there are no bats around.

  • (feedback) I believe it’s intentional, but the inventory full buzz plays now when scanning over items outside of the inventory, whether or not you’re attempting to collect them. It’s just a bit annoying to me and maybe just having the text appear would be less intrusive.

Interact with Objects

  • had my first experience with the glitch others have reported where no objects were showing up to interact with. Day 27, just woke up, was in the middle of drinking water from a solar still when it happened.

Thank you. I still love the game! I can’t imagine keeping everything perfectly operational is easy :sweat: I am adding things to this list as they arise.

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At first, quitting to main menu and reloading restored the no interaction bug, but now it’s happening from the moment I load in, and now the game is unplayable.

I have tried adjusting third/first person and clouds, but it doesn’t work.

Hi DemonStar89, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting these issues. I shall respond to each in turn below…

  • Watch time and date - This is an issue the team are aware of and are working to resolve.


  • Bat carcasses - Thank you for report this. I will inform the team. If you notice this occurring with seagulls, please let me know.

  • Shark Music - have you noticed if this occurs for all sharks or just some shark types in particular?

  • Meat cooking - Are you freely dropping meat into an open fire, attaching it or using a hobo stove when this occurs?

  • Raft snapping back - Thank you for reporting this, can you confirm for me if you were using the life raft as the host or player 2 when this occurred?


  • Bat sounds - have you noticed if these play around any particular ship wreck or similar feature in the water? Do you hear the sound underwater or when swimming on the surface?

  • Inventory full buzz - Not intentional, this is indeed and issue and I’ve submitted a report to the team on it.

Object Interactions

  • You have probably already seen it, but I have a post on this here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions which I updated today. The team believe they may have found the cause and are working on a fix for it. Do you recall before this issue occurred for you if you lost any creatures through the sand or traveled to a large island (one with cliffs)?

Thank you for your understanding and support, I know how disheartening these issues can be and any extra information you can give on this would help the team in investigating them. Please do not hesitate to keep adding any issues you find - any extra information or feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hi Clare, thanks for your reply!

Bat Sound
I am trying to find a picture of the type of wreck I heard it near, but it’s small with a flat roof, single door into the cabin, and two deck ports into the hull where a crate is sometimes found, one port being boarded up. I think only underwater.

Life Raft
I was the host.

Dropping it onto basic campfire, the attached meat was behaving normally. Not using a hobo stove/smoker etc. They were all small meats; didn’t test other sizes.

Shark Music
I think it was a black tip reef shark, not certain though.

I’d left the first island, explored one other small island and another cliff island. Ended up on another cliff island (4th) and had built a water still, campfire, smoker, but not much else when the glitch started. It was not the first island I’d built anything on or the first island with cliffs I’d been to or built on.

Thank you for all that information DemonStar89 - I’ll update my reports for each of these.

With regards to the wreck, if you do get a clip or image of it, please do share it, but I will share your description of it with the team anyway.

Would it be possible to get your map seed number and the island location where you experienced this bat issue? It may help the team in replicating it on their end.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hello again,

I’m not sure how to find the map seed and island location for the bat drop issue, as I am only able to play online if I start a new game as a host. I haven’t changed save slots or seeds yet so would the seed for online still be the same or will it make a new one? I’m not really familiar with seed/island creation mechanics :sweat_smile: never really got into that side of things.

I found a picture of the wreck around which I heard bat noises!

It was submerged in the shallows just off shore.

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I can’t start an online game as a host. It’s been stuck on "Initialising Objects [0%] for over 10 minutes now.

I can join online games though.

I believe the cartographer for your online save slot should show the seed number, you would need to be in the correct save slot and select the cartographer from the main menu. The seed number is at the bottom of the screen. In the cartographer they island you are currently on should be marked in read. However this will only work if you are the host.

When trying to start your online save, what region are you choosing? I know USA, East has been having some issues…

[Edit: Have sent a message to the team to ask for clarification on saves and save slots for both multiplayer and single player, will update here when I have more info]

Follow up - the seed number for the save slot will be the same, regardless of whether you’re playing multiplayer or single player in that slot. You can have 1 multiplayer and 1 single player game per slot, the saves are treated differently and wont overlap each other. Choosing to play offline or online determines which save you’re using.

Okay I have the info:

Map seed: #21272726

Awesome, Thank you so much for posting that for me, I’ll pass it onto the team for use in their testing.

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Hello Again,

Switched to a different save slot and am keeping clear of cliff islands to see if it affects if/when the interaction bug kicks in, and I’ve come across another wreck with bat sounds.

This is not from my game, just the type of boat.

Again submerged off shore, not on the beach.

Thanks for the update DemonStar89 - I’ll add it to my report for the team!