So the problem with me and my friends game is this. Everything works fine when we play untill day 8 then all of the sudden nothing works. No interactions are available for anything. Can drink eat sleep save nothing. It just completely breaks. We restarted the game 5 or more times we turned the consoles of we have even made a WHOLE NEW SAVE for it to happen all over again. I’m not sure if this bug happens in solo but it’s been happening to me and my friend online. Also we just restarted the map and used the same seed.

Seed- #17196451

Hi YTCapturedsmile1, welcome to the forums,

This is an issue the team are aware of and are currently investigating. I have a Known Issues post on it here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions and while we do not have any workarounds I will be updating that post if any are found.

Currently players are reporting this issue can occur in a cycle for them. Have you noticed if you stay in the game, do interactions come back?
You may also be able to interact with items close to or below the water level (bigger items may require crouching - have you found this to be the case in your game?
Please also let me know if you recall anything you did around the time (or shortly before) the issue triggered such as sailing, harvesting plants etc, and do you recall hearing any noises that seemed out of place?

Any extra details you provide would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve been having this same issue, and I’ll stay in game to see if it will work in a little while. It’s happened to me twice and both while I was doing something different, but it occurred on day 29 and just after I placed a second container shelf on my raft. Not sure if they are connected somehow, but I hope the information helps

Thanks for that info Redcap0042 - please do let me know if you notice anything else while in the game.