[PS4][2071][game breaking bug] Can interact with objects in water but not on land

I was able to get to day 7 on multiplayer before the loss of interaction happens, but the strangest part of this, I can interact with anything as long as it’s in the water, it’s very odd.


No custom islands but I changed wildlife to passive and playing multiplayer

Happens completely randomly

I have tried every possible way to get around this game breaking bug, but nothing seems to be working


Hi TheChad92,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save too. In case you have not yet seen it, I have a post on this issue here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions which recently updated. The team believes they may have found the cause of the issue and are now working to resolve it.

Please let me know if, before this issue occurred in your save, did you…

  • Travel to any nearby islands?
  • If so, did any of them have any large cliffs?
  • Did you see any Snakes when travelling?
  • Did you at any stage loose any creatures through the sand after hunting them?

i had same issue with ps4 and i went to island with cliffs and also lost fish in sand and also cannot chop down tree or harvest anything at all i cant even save in my sleeping back please can u reply with any information

Well, I had seen snakes in the water, but very few, I lost a few boar after killing them, and yes, the islands had very tall cliffs, not all but a few did, and the load between islands was very distinct and lagged a few times.

Thank you for responding!

Thanks for that information TheChad92 - The snakes in the water you saw, were they black and white or brownish? If they were black and white they could be the eels, but I’d be curious if Night Snakes travelled into the water.

Hi CRAZYNAY93, welcome to the forums. Please see the link in my comment above for more information on this issue.

Yeah that’s my bad, it was the eels, no snakes at all

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