[PS4][2071][Co-op] Interaction with crafted objects is now impossibile

Bug clip from YouTube: Stranded Deep Co-op Issue on PS4 - Hours of playing wasted - YouTube

Suddenly we can no longer interact with objects on the ground or with crafted ones. The bug seems to occur only in one part of the first island (on the beach, for example, everything works normally). Saving and sleeping are impossible. We cannot proceed further with our game.

Animals: Passive, Permanent Death: Off.

The bug showed up after dropping a spear with a crab on the ground due to full inventory.

We tried to restart the game and the console but nothing has changed.


Hi MastroFerro, welcome to the forums.

This is an issue the team is aware of and are actively working on a fix for. Incase you have not seen it already I have a post on the issue which I am updating with more info as the team progress through the fix. [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

While I understand it is not ideal, there is also a workaround that has worked for some players that involves removing wildlife in the options, futher details are in the same thread linked above.