[PS4][2033] Gyrocopter Glitch

I’ve only had this occur once so far, but it was enough to make me rage quit on my current progress (5 days lost).

I was flying to one of the islands after moving my shelter to the central island and the game paused halfway across the ocean whilst I was in mid-air; the sound was still playing but the screen froze.

When the screen unfroze, I was swimming in the middle of the ocean, my gyrocopter had gone, I had to swim back to my home island to process what I was doing.

I don’t recall if I was swimming between a custom to custom island or a custom to game generated island. But the freeze occurs everytime I travel - that now I just keep tapping on the hover button to keep me in the air; but considering that I cannot see where I am, or what direction I’m facing as I try to hover - it’s a worry.


Hi Slytherinshare,

I’m sorry to hear this has occured in your game. This sounds similar to an issue the team were looking into that could occur in the gyro or on a raft between islands. ([Known Issue] Freezing Between Islands) Approximately halfway between islands is where the one you’re heading to starts to load in. Were you heading to or leaving your new shelter island? And would either of the islands you were between have a significant number of loose resources on them?

If you do have some loose resources, please tryin packing them into crates to reduce their numbers and let me know if this helps to combat the freezing at all for you.