[PS4][2009][Trophies] Who needs the sea anyway?

Trophy will not unlock.

I have planted and grown all seven crops as well as harvested each of them two separate times with two different sets of planters on an automatically generated island and still no trophy.

Is there something I’m missing? Any idea what a work around for this would be?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Switchellmobb,

There have been a few reports lately of issues with this trophy unlocking. While we’re not 100% sure of the exact steps required for the workaround, players have reported they have managed to unlock the trophy by continuing to plant and harvest. A few goes planting and harvesting Yucca may be the key.

I’ve linked below another report on this issue where players shared what works for them. If this, or another method works for you, please let me know as it may help me in narrowing down what the workaround for players is.

PS4 [2009] trophy bugged (You may need to scroll down a few posts to find the workarounds reported by players)