Problem transporting tyres

I am gathering materials to build my first raft. I found tires in a wreck, and cut them loose. However, I cannot figure out how to get them to shore. I can’t seem to get any into the life boat, and flipped it trying. Of course a shark then came. Is there a way to pick the tire up and heave it into the inflatable boat?

The only online advice I’ve found is to build a raft base with the tires when you find them, and attach it to your existing raft. That would be grand, except I don’t have a raft yet. Hence why I need the tyres

I want to use the tires to build my first raft.

Do I need to leave the life boat on shore, swim out to the wreck, and drag each tire to shore? Without becoming shark food? Also, can you drag a tire, swimming, while looking forward?


Hey mate, it is a good idea at least for a time in the beginning, to go to the Options and turn wildlife to Passive while you gather resources. Before you have a nice raft, anytime you go in the water, you are vulnerable! But honestly you can’t have high aspirations for your first raft. Take your dingy to other islands and fill your inventory with boxes of sticks and fibrous leaves to bring back home. Craft lashings at home as you can carry many more fibrous leaves than crafted lashings. Start off with a basic 4x4 wooden raft, I like the look of plank floors. But all the raft bases have the same buoyancy, so for aesthetic purposes the tire bases or bouy bags you wanna see only have to go around the outside. I personally choose bouy base add ons every time because they are plentiful, several on every cargo ship. It may also be true though that tire bases are thinner and have a little more clearance over rocks in the water! To drag or lift just look at an object and hold left trigger for console controllers, there being able to raise up or down and walk or swim with the object either behind or in front of you. Once you have a sufficiently large enough raft, install container shelves around the edges with an open space in the middle where items can shift around but not leave the raft as it moves. Further removing a section of the floor in the middle will allow objects to sit lower than surrounding floor tiles, further limiting their shifting. Remember though, these objects are heavy, so weight distribution and balance is very important, as is raft symmetry. Sometimes the raft physics do some weird things so save before you go out to sea for a test. Oh and another word of caution, read the Topic Thread about Rafts Disappearing. Don’t become too attached to a single raft, or keep your whole life savings on one, they are known to vanish in a glitch that is particularly frustrating. See thread to read my workaround, good luck.

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Thank you very much for the advice. I had no idea rafts could vanish, and will be sure to check out that thread.

I’ll try your suggestion of switching to passive until I have the raft made. I’m such a noob I didn’t know you could change it once the game started.



You might also find yourself much less jarring and much more aware of your immediate surroundings in 3rd person perspective. I prefer it

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Some great beginner tips for sure but as fot building the tire base … take the hammer and a lashing with you deep diving, if you do either long or quick craft you can then swim to shore to put it in place to keep as is or dismantle to get the tires back

Another tip I’d add would be to use spears to “lock” any loose cargo down. When you get into barges used for hauling logs or sharks, the center of your raft should be floorless. I typically build a 7x5. That leaves 3 to 5 spaces long and 3 wide floorless. So far, ive had little trouble hauling anything. Even bouys sit still as long as i spear them in place. This also allows for plenty of shelves for your chests. It’s also fairly stable. Experiment with different materials and shapes to find what suits you. Each has their ups and downs.

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