Raft ideas and misc

Been away for a while due to forgetting my info after upgrading phones, but I’m back with ideas once again.

The biggest is to do with rafts.

  1. I’ve noticed how there’s no way to transport Tyres or Barrels without an already-built raft due to how lightweight the yellow life raft is. I came up with the idea of using Lashings as a way to connect larger items to an existing raft (a life raft or constructed raft), to make transport of these drag-only items easier. Either craft a “transport net” that can then be tied to a raft, or a Raft Structure of the same craftable net to make transport a little easier. To add an item to the transport, you would need to put the desired drag-only item next to or on top of the transport net, then use the Quick Craft menu to add the item into the net.

  2. Currently, there’s no way to connect existing raft bases or rafts to each other. My idea for a solution is similar to Idea#1, but instead of a net, it’s a “mooring” to tie two structures together. If the life raft could also get this feature, that would help a lot in transporting the crafted raft without losing the life raft. The mooring structure could also be used to tie a raft to a foundation if people have makeshift fishing docks.

  3. Alternative transport net idea. Instead of a drag-behind, this net would act as a “Raft Base” in terms of how it’s crafted, but instead of being for bouyancey (phone dictionary didn’t have that word), it would be exclusively for placing drag-only items onto for transport. This piece would be constructed using 4 wooden sticks (the frame portion of the net), and enough lashings to make sense for the design of the net, no less than 6. I feel like this option would be easier to implement than Idea#1, since it’s based on something that already exists.

Misc ideas

  1. A fishing net (mainly to attach to a raft as a travel-type fish trap)

  2. A gate (uses the height of the half walls, instead of the doorway height) and corresponding gate door (again, using half walls as the height) to allow more creativity in structure building.

  3. Sort-of ties in with Raft crafts, but could be used for house building as well. I’d like to see railings as a craft option, so you can have some security for docks and rafts, but without having the tall poles that come with half-walls, and doesn’t interfere with fishing or speargun aim.

Those are my current ideas, which I feel could enhance the game if implemented.

I’ve sampled the PC features that were added, and feel that the Piles feature would greatly benefit the PS4 version gameplay, as it’ll help reduce load lag.

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I’m aware of those. These are ideas and suggestions on how it could be addressed.