[Playstation][2126] Two bugged trophies

With the new update 2126 and the previous one I’ve had two trophies continue to stay bugged in the ps5 US version. The trophies are Who needs the sea anyways? And I hear “industrial” is in fashion. I tried completing this on 3 different save files with custom islands and one seed that was set to random (the random seed worked for all other trophies). I’ve also tried things from other forms such as going to islands I haven’t been I yet, on the custom and random generated islands and the starter and nothing worked. I’ve also used different plots and all the same for the farming but nothings worked. Over I am happy playing the game for the last two years, so hopefully it will be fixed in the near future!

Same for me, before the update i’ve gotten most trophies on a friend world since we play together, after the update i made my own world and tried for the 10 scrap furniture trophy and the island hermit trophy, stayed on 2 different island for more then 15 days each (currently on day 56) no island hermit, i tried making 10 tables and 10 shelves from scrap without breaking them, no trophy. I’m on ps4 btw. Any tips/help would be apreciated.

Hi CyanReaperz and Whalobster,

I am sorry for my delay in responding to your messages.

As per: A Note on Console Achievements / Trophies the following trophies can not be unlocked using custom islands:

  • Fish are friends
  • Gone green
  • Island hermit
  • Seafarer
  • Guess who’s gon’ be on the plate?
  • Who needs the sea anyway?
  • Working with my hands
  • Lean, mean, crafting machine
  • Another one bites the dust
  • I Hear ‘Industrial’ is in fashion
  • Two of each.

Please confirm for me if you attempted any of the trophies on game-generated islands and still ran into issues. CyanReaperz, from your message it sounds like you tried both of yours on game generated islands.

Can you confirm what plants you planted for “Who Needs the Sea Anyway”?

Similarly for “I hear Industrial is Fashion”, what items did you attempt to craft in order to unlock it? Whalobster, what you crafted should have covered it so long as you weren’t on a custom island.

Please also double check the trophy listing on your console, in case there was an error in the notification popping up.

Thank you

These trophies, along with all 10 day trophies are not unlocking.
Game generated. All 8 plants planted, one try on all corrugated, and another on all plank, all at once.
Built 10 corrugated shelves, then a mix of shelves and tables.
Latest patch on ps5

Yes I’ve used game generated islands collecting all 8 different plants. I’ve tried using all the same type of plots as well as a mix of different.

The industrial trophy I’ve done the same using game generated and tried making 10 shelves and a mix of shelves and tables. Even made sure that all where placed at once destroying none

Thank you for confirming that info for my CyanReaperz, I will pass this onto the team for their investigation into Achievement issues.

Ps5guy, Thank you also for your input also. Regarding the 10 day trophy achievements, there was an update released today to address this achievement issue. Please try these again after updating your game. The number in the bottom left of the main menu will read as 2130 once you’ve updated.

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v2130 also fixes the issues for the other achievements mentioned here. Keep us posted if you still have issues after updating.

The bug was fixed thank you so much. Can’t wait to continue playing again and see what more you guys have I’ll add in the future!

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