[PC] Update1.0.17.0 - Patch Notes

Hi everyone,

Update is now live for PC! Please see below for a list of fixes included in this update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game room appearing ‘[Busy]’ when the host is standing near a Boss.
  • Local co-op: Fixed both players not showing Boss UI when other player initiates the fight alone.
  • Local co-op: Fixed game failing to take input from P1 after P2 uses a Shelter/Bed while P1 is using a Label Maker.
  • Fixed players being unable to remove meat from campfire when fuel depleted.
  • Fixed player falling from Palm Tree when climbing to the very top.
  • Epic: Fixed redundant notification of missed achievements on custom islands.
  • Fixed a desync issue when rapidly removing items from piles.
  • Fixed multiplayer session not joinable after using a Bed to save.
  • Fixed multiplayer session not joinable after failed sleep.
  • Fixed multiplayer session joinable during sleeping sequence.
  • Changed multiplayer region to reset to ‘Best’ when opening create session menu. Fixes issues if the player fails to connect to a specific region.
  • Fixed item pile display name not updating when first item pushed.
  • Fixed item pile display name not updating when empty.
  • Fixed item pile display name sentence structure for foreign languages.

Known Issues

  • Can’t craft items using materials from multiple Item Piles

Thank you for your continued support and thank you also to those who have reported their experiences of issues to us. The team will continue to work on issues reported by players. If you have anything you wish to report, please do so via the PC Bug Reports section of the forums.

Stay Alive!
Beam Team



My son and I are streamers looking for new games to play together and play with or viewers and we were told to try this game out but unfortunately this game does not have cross-platform (Son-XSS, Me-PC).

Is there any future update that will allow us to play and also just wondering if there is any future update in the horizon as well for a 4 player coop?

Thanks and have a great day!! @Beam_Team

Hi there!

I cannot find any information about the map editor from pc, where you can built the island exactly how you want to, without any restrictions.

My question is, when are you planning to bring the pc map editor to consoles? Especially like me, who own the latest powerful xbox series x.

Can you give me any information, mayby a date? Or if you guys even planning to bring this to console? @Beam_Team

I’m waithing for your answer!

Thank you!

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