[PC][Steam][0.90.00][Coop-Multiplayer] Incorrect or missing syncronization causes incorrect display of objects

I was playing with a friend while we were also communicating over Steam via voice chat.

While on my side, i.e. the host’s side, everything was displayed normally, i.e. the values of the tools, the positions of the objects, etc., on the opposite side, i.e. the game partner, it was displayed incorrectly.


  • I had a rough axe. This was correctly displayed with 100% durability. I gave this to him. He has used it up. Now there was a connection failure. He has reconnected and wrong durability values were displayed.

  • After a disconnection, a bat got stuck in the air after the partner reconnected.

  • A tiger shark was killed by me (the host) and brought to the beach. As a result, the game partner swam to the same spot. A second tiger shark appeared. I ran there again. I saw the shark and attacked it with spears, but it did not react to me (that is, it did not attack me), but it did to my partner. Suddenly the shark disappeared again and a white rhombus appeared at my game partner, which slowly grew bigger (like this issue: [PC][Steam][0.90.00][Coop-Multiplayer] Strange white diamond grows slowly on black background)

  • There were no disconnections. But a previously saved game was started. Objects were sticking out of the container for the second player partner. Among them the blue cloth, wooden planks etc. These could be taken into the own inventory by the game partner with E without opening the container. So everything in the container, which was larger in the representation than the container was visible.

  • Noticed, for example, that if you crush “palm crowns” with axe, that not always 5 pieces remain. You can see that one of them falls down into the sand.

So much for our observations.



  1. Start a coop game with 2 players from the beginning.
  2. Save it.
  3. Start close it and start it again with the same player.

Thanks for this report Megavolt.
The team is investigating these issues.