No sharks custom islands

Enjoying the new update but Still having issues with the custom islands having no sharks on them please help with this one

Hi Haleyy93,

Thank you for reporting that this issue is ongoing. I will add a comment to my previous report so the team is aware. I understand this is an ongoing issue for you but can you confirm for me if after the update to version 2104, is this noticable in an updated save, new save, or both?

Still happening after update in both. Thank you for getting back to me

Thank you Haleyy93. I’ll update my report for the team with this additional info.

Hi Clare, I’ve also noticed that the hook for handing things on isn’t working at all. Won’t let me place it anywhere on a wall. Thanks

Hi Haleyy93,

Thanks for reporting this. The team is aware of this issue and knows what caused it to occur. They’re currently working on refining and testing the fix for this and while I don’t have a timeline for a release for the fix, it hopefully won’t be too long before it’s released. You may also find it affects shelves too and unfortunately there are no workarounds that have been found for the issue.

Thanks again for reporting it, please do let me know if you notice anything else - even if it’s something the team is already aware of, additional information can help the team when trying to replicate the issue and also help me keep track of how many players might be affected.

Hi Clare,

Will there ever be a way to build on foundations on Xbox? So you can actually have base that’s inside and not outside like it is just now. You can only really build storages buildings.

Thank for all the help Clare!

Hi Haleyy93

You question has good timing as I just posted this update - Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info

And the team have fixed the issue that prevented items being crafted on foundations, so after the next update, the majority of crafting stations and piles should be placeable on foundation pieces.

We don’t have a release date yet, but I’ll update the community with it and a a full list of what’s contained in the update once we submit to Sony and Microsoft and then get the green light from them :+1: