No interactions version 1.09

Ok so I been having the interaction issues, woke up just now stand seen an update. Got it on PS4, loaded in fine, went online, private and solo, everything loaded good and was fine but I was hot so I jumped in the ocean until I needed air, then I jumped back on land and can’t save, most interactions can’t be used or still have the same “have to crouch and find the sweet spot” please fix.

Also, why can we load a save file once but if we back out to main menu ( for obvious reasons at the moment) the game says it times out, I have to actually close the app, restart the app and then load back into the save file… Ugh love the game but it’s getting annoying. Please fix

Ok so just loaded back up, at first it looks great, I can save (which is one of the things that just don’t work at all when bug happens) but I’m walking around and I still don’t have the ease of interacting with objects like I should. The giant grouper I have on the ground can only be skinned if I’m on top of the fin on their lower belly, my crates in my containers on my raft, I have to be on raft and crouch to work. And in the time it took me to type this message, I just walked back to my tent and I can’t use it!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr please check your updates, before sending them out. I was so excited to be able to play and now you got my full attention on forums rather then in the game. Grrrr

Now I’ve closed app, started app, removed animals, loaded save, if I don’t move everything is fine as I turn my character, if I move my interactions go away. Added animals while game is still loaded, no change.

FYI, this is a save file I started with 1.08 and I’ve been doing it the same private, solo. I had no problem yesterday, I played from 2am my time until 744am when it started it’s bug. I figured I could get that much time in tonight, but this update seems to have made things worse, as I can’t do a damn thing.

Again closed/restarted app, selected a different save slot, then switched back before doing anything else, loaded fine day 18 @0914 @0920 interactions vanished.
Again I closed and restarted app, loaded the same save slot but this time I chose offline rather then online and it puts me on day one. So I assume the save files for offline and online may have the same save slots but they are not the same.
Again closed and restarted app, loaded same save file but went back to online, private and solo. Loads in @0905 everything works and at 0918 bam it’s all gone, can’t interact.
I’ll keep trying things, but I shouldn’t have to do the trouble shooting.

Ok so I’ve stayed on even tho I can’t play correctly. It’s now day 19, 0930, still can’t save, can’t get the meat off the smoker but I can put the meat on. I left my main island and went to one nearby, same over there,could only interact with a few things. Came back to my main island and no change. I’ve tried turning clouds off and on, animals off and on and even switched to 1st person and back. Nothing has changed, oh wait I see what’s changed, we found a quick fix to your problem so you took our fix away, that’s all that has changed. Total BS

tell me how to download the save to a USB flash drive so that it does not get deleted during the update?

Hi Blackrain,

Please note, as per Sam’s comment in another thread that the update that is currently rolling out on Playstation is one that was scheduled before the co-op version was released. This is not the fix for the interactions bug, this fix will be in a new update and is still in progress.

Edit: I have made a note of requiring a restart of the game to reload a save as a seperate report for the team. Also, you are correct that Multiplayer and Single player saves are different save types. You cannot convert single player saves into multiplayer games, however if you create multiplayer private as you have already done, you can play it as single player with the option to invite someone at a later stage.

Thank you for listening and taking a note. :slight_smile:

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