Need beginner tips

Hi I need some tips and help starting my new world can anyone give me advice

-Fibrous Leaves (the little ones you get from chopping Yucca and Young Palms) are one of the most important resources in this game. They are one of the few things that are renewable and they can do a lot. You can use them to make lashings/cloths (which are ingredients in other crafting recipies), you can put them in water stills to generate water and you can even use them to replenish your campfire (probably the least efficient use of them but the only renewable way to do it). Spend them wisely early on, as you only get a harvest every 2 in-game days. Try to collect the Yucca Fruits and plant more on whatever island you want to be your home base, as their leaves will give you back about twice what it costs to water them.

-Most of everything else is limited; sticks, rocks, trunks, planks, palm fronds, corrugated metal… If you build something that requires these, know that it is a permanent investment. Later in the game, you can break down structures and stations, getting your entire investment back, but before you max out your crafting, you will lose something if you break down a structure or station.

-When tools are used in a crafting recipe (i.e. Plank Station, which requires Refined Axe and Crude Hammer), and you break that craft to get your resources back, the tools will be given back to you at 100% durability. This allows you to effectively swap between two Refined Axes for the rest of the game, breaking the Plank Station when the held one is at 5% durability to get a 100% durability axe, then using the 5% durability axe to make another Plank Station. Using the Crude Hammer in the same manner helps with building large structures without burning through your hammer collection. It is currently unknown if the game is supposed to work this way, but god I hope they leave it as is.

-There is a story and an end game, this game is not just endless survival. But I will not ruin it. Just check out the cartographer in the main menu if you want a little direction, ponder about what the red squares are.

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