Tips for new players from a new player

  1. Before you start a new game check out the cartographer and take a picture it’s your map you start in the centre, there is a compass in the bag attached to your life raft to figure out directions.

  2. if you want to get a feel of the game set the wildlife to PASSIVE they’ll leave you alone even as you’re attacking them. (You can adjust back at any time).

  3. Save often, every time you wake up save, if you’re about to go hunting, save.

  4. if your starter island is small and doesn’t have much in the way of trees for wood harvest everything you can from it then go to a larger island and build your base their.

  5. once you’ve chosen a suitable island your first objective (after tutorial) is to get a WATER STILL, don’t rely too much on coconuts for water and food they give you diarrhoea if you consume too much too fast and they do not regenerate.

4a) if you have to eat/drink coconuts to survive, eat 2 halves/drink 2, count to 10 then drink/eat 2 more that way you won’t get sick.

  1. don’t use palm fronds to fuel your water still if you can help it, use fibrous leaves from young plants and yucca bushes as young plants and yucca bushes regenerate every few days.

  2. go explore the shoreline and ship wrecks, if you see a CONTAINER bring it back to camp to store you things in.

  3. If you get poisoned and don’t any an antidote on hand (Coconut Flask + 2x Pipi), just exit to main menu then continue from your last save, if you have to do this I hope it hasn’t been ages since your last save. SAVE OFTEN!

7a) Things that can poison you are.

  • Snakes (Grey/Brown)
  • Sea Snakes (Black and White)
  • Sea Urchin (Look like spikey bushes on the ocean floor)
  • Crown of Thorns (Purple spiked starfish)
  • Lion Fish (Fish with a spike mane)
  1. only use your resources as you need them, keep yourself healthy but don’t be a gluten, at least not in the early stages.

  2. keep any rations/baked beans cans for emergencies.

  3. make a leather water skin/clay water pot asap, keep them full and on you.

  4. When you make a vegetable patch use the corrugated iron/planks of wood they’re much batter and use less resources, the first thing you want to plant is PIPI, you need 2x Pipi to make an antidote for if you get poisoned

  5. Don’t bother with the SPIT. Build your camp fire, then firepit then build the Meat Smoker. Smoked meat lasts longer than cooked meat it just takes longer in the cooker.

  6. once you’ve built your smoker find a barrel and build a HOBO STOVE under your Smoker so you can cook lots of meat whole you smoke some. To get food on the hobo stove drop your meat then move it by holding down L2 and place it on the stove. There is no option to hold square to place it on the stove.

  7. Keep any Refined Hammers you find, they are invaluable for building, I’d also suggest keeping any Solar Lanterns you find but Refined Hammers are the priority.

  8. To help reduce any lag, store as much as you can in the containers you find, trust me it’ll help.

  9. Watch Info Survival, Skills, Status, Statistics

16a) Survival - this shows you info important to your survival Health, Hunger, Thirst and SPF.

If your health empties you die, Hunger and Thirst directly tie to your health if they get low your health will start to diminish.

If your SPF (UV) meter runs low your other vitals will deplete faster take a swim, sit in the shade or use an Aloe Vera plant or Aloe Salv to instantly replenish your SPF level.

16b) Skills
- Hunting affects the damage you do to wildlife, higher level = more damage. You increase it by hunting.
- Cooking affects the amount of Hunger and Thirst regenerated by eating and drinking the higher it is the better the regen. Increase it by cooking, you have to stay near the fire while it cooks.
- Harvesting affects how long it takes to chop down trees etc, higher level = faster harvesting. Increase it by harvesting.
- Physical affects player health the higher the level the more health you have, increase it by running, swimming and building with the hammer.
- Craftsmaship afects the things you can build, increase it by building things just keep building.

16c) Status - This shows you the various positive and negatice status effects.

The negative effects are
Poison - Drink and Antidote
Broken Bones - apply a Splint
Bleeding - Use a Gauze
Starvation - Eat something
Sunstroke - Take a swim, sit in the shade, use an Aloe Salv/Alovera Plant
Diarrhoea - Goes away on it’s own
Dehydration - Drink something

The positive effects are

Healthy - All good
Breath Boost - Hold breath longer underwater for 3hrs (in game)
Sunblock - Immune to UV for 12hrs (in game)
Splint - Fixing a broken leg
Shark Repellent - Sharks stay away for 12hrs (in game)

16d) Statistics - shows the various stats ie how long you’ve survived, animals killed, islands visited etc


That’s a great set of tips Lothaer! Thank you for sharing them :slight_smile:

I think the biggest tip I would add is when saving often - check your health and status conditions before you do so. I’ve seen a number of players save with super low health but then not have enough time to cure themselves when loading in and this can result in needing to restart :frowning: I got stuck in the same loop myself in the begining.

Also if you get poisoned you might be able to outlast it if you keep your food and water full for a couple of days - but this is resource heavy and you may not want to save during that time so some players will probably prefer reload option mentioned above instead.

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Update my original post with some extra tips.

@Lothaer that was an amazing post. Will definitely help new player’s out and maybe even some other people out.

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@XxGrimShooter8xX thanks very much

Updated post again with watch menu info

Thanks that is really useful stuff. I’ve not used the leather or clay water containers yet so will check them out.

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