My raft keeps sinking

My raft on my sav is 9x9 and it can’t hold all the animals for the two of each achievement, please if you have the time can you help me

Hi ThePassiveSniper420, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post into the general section (as it was posted in suggestions) for now. I will do my best to assist any way I can and hopefully with some more information we can determine what the problem is. If this is an in-game issue / bug, then I will alert the team and let them know…

But first, please let me know…

How many animals do you have on your raft? Please note you only need 2 hogs, 2 boars, 2 snakes, and 2 small crabs close together on your raft. You do not need the large crabs, seagulls, bats or other creatures on the raft for this trophy.

Please note they also need to be near you when sailing. As you’re on a large raft, if they’re at the far end of the raft it may not pop the trophy for you.

If you only have the animals listed above and your raft keeps sinking, please let me know and provide a description or image of the raft in question.

I also wish to point you to a “Known Issue” post we have on this achievement as some players have found it difficult to unlock this trophy of late. It appears that sailing in a storm does not work for a number of players, but players have found success by sailing with the animals under clear skies, or just as a storm is starting / in the rain. You can read more details about this issue and potential workaround here: [Known Issue] "Two of Each" Trophy Unlocking Issues - if you do have issues with unlocking after the sinking issue is rectified, please let me know.