My HM went to normal mode

PS4 version 2083 seed 20209757. Many top 20 hard mode LB standings.
My online save slot 4 has mysteriously swapped out of hard mode permadeath to normal with no survivor crates. Although I still have my survivor crates. Can you please fix this? I refuse to start over or continue on normal.
I don’t have custom islands I restored licences, cleared cache, uploaded everything to the cloud and redownload the game. It’s up to the BEAMTEAM now.

Hi Theillist1, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. I’m sorry to hear this has happened with your save.

Please let me know:

  • Do you recall what you did the last time you saved before you noticed this change in settings?

  • Please share details of what you used to save and if it was on your base island or elsewhere.

  • How many in-game days have you played on this save?

  • Did you change any settings for this save slot?

  • Did you create or change anything about an offline save in the same slot?

  • Do you play solo online or have you had a player 2 join you at any stage (especially before this issue occurred) - if you have played with a player 2, have they ever saved the game for you?

  • Did you notice any other issues occuring in the game around the same time this occurred?

  • What prompted your realization that the settings had changed?

  • Have any of your other save slots been affected by setting changes from what you can tell?

  • Did any of your other save slots have the settings your slot 4 was changed to?

  • Have you changed anything about your console or PS4 profiles settings recently such as language or Gamertag? (likely not related, but good to know for the team when investigating)

I completely understand how frustrating this issue is to have you desired gameplay mode switched like this and understand you not wanting to play on normal mode. I unfortunately do not have any workaround suggestions at the moment beyond what you’ve already tried - thank you also for letting me know what you did try.

I believe the team may also wish to have a look at your save files if that’s possible? Best to have as much data as possible but I will highlight for them that online-slot 4 is where the issue occured. Generally they do not fix and return individual files but your save may provide a clue as to what caused this and help them investigate a possible community fix.

If you’re happy to share a copy of your saves, the instructions can be found here: [Save File Request]

I was playing on someone else’s game (while I was still slotted on save 4) to get them going. Then the software update came 9.50. it kicked me out. I then spent many hours for PSN to get fixed. When I came back yesterday and logged in I immediately noticed.
Yes my starter island seed 20209757.
I have accumulated 153 days.
I don’t play offline.
I changed the master volume of game to 10 so I could hear my partner I was helping.
I open my lobby so ppl can see my island but I never keep beds or tents on the ground.

Ok sounds like I’m not getting my HM permadeath put back on. Game was fun until this happened. But if you were to see my base you would be so infuriated by what I have just lost. My game is fine but the fact it isn’t in HM makes it just worthless to me.

Thank you for that information Theillist1. Especially the software update kicking you from the game.

As I’m not a dev, I unfortunately cannot give any outright guarantees for fixes (though to be honest without investigating first the dev time likely wouldn’t either), however I will submit a report with all the information you have provided and if the team have any further suggestions of workarounds you can try on your end, I will post them here.

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Goodbye game.

Thank you for sharing that image, I shall include in my report for the team also. It is a beautifully designed setup.

Again I am sorry this issue has affected your save.