Multiplayer bug

Just after some help.
My cousin and I have been playing multiplayer and we’ve really gotten quite far for noobies (no bosses yet, but a pretty decent size raft and gear). he plays on ps5 and I’m on ps4 and we have gotten this bug where you have to pretty much look straight down to interact with anything and everything (barely anything responds), I did save not knowing that this bug had happened so I feel pretty bad knowing knowing I’ve more than likely lost all our progress. We tried reloading and going to a different island but nothing has worked so far
Is there a simple fix or do I have to break the news that I stuffed our entire game so far.

All help is really appreciated,
And thank you in advance


Hi Shane, please see my post on this issue here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions - It contains some workarounds that make help you and I updated it with some extra information regarding these workarounds today.