[MAC-Steam] [0.80.00][Physics] Watch/status out of POV when inspecting

When pressing to view the watch its out of sight. tried different settings and reinstalling.
Other users on reddit have reported the same problem on macbook.


yes, I have been trying for two days now. The watch doesn´t work.


Also dealing with the same issue. Here is a video representation from reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/strandeddeep/comments/nssahr/i_cant_see_my_watch_it_just_goes_past_my_face/



This appears to be an issue with Unity on M1 Macs. I don’t have an M1 Mac available, so can’t repro this issue.

I’ve updated some libraries and updated to the latest LTS Unity version to see if they’ve addressed the issue.

I’ve uploaded a new build to the ‘staging’ branch. Please try it and let me know.


Thanks for the video. I’m just waiting for some M1 instances to free up and I will investigate as soon as I can.

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Any updates on this issue?


Same issue here. Any news? Anything that helps tracking it down?

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Hi there! I just purchased the game and am having this issue on my M1 MacBook Air on MacOS 11.5.2 (Big Sur).

I really want to play the game - I’m excited by the concept and the graphics look amazing but it doesn’t seem achievable without being able to view the watch.

Is there an update for this issue?

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@Sam I saw on the Steam Community thread (link below) that you (a) were interested in knowing if any mods were in use and (b) suggested there may be an issue with which version of the Unity libraries are in use.

For item “a”, I am running the game with no mods and downloaded from Steam for the first time last night (2021-08-27). For item “b”, how do I find out which Unity libraries the game is using so I can provide those details to you?

Please let me know if there’s any other information I can provide to aid in debugging this issue.

Link to the Steam Community thread I mentioned:


P.S. - I switched to the staging branch so I am available to test any new builds. I’ve confirmed that the watch issue is still currently present.

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I purchased the game a month ago and it is still an issue M1 Macbook users!

Hoping there will be a fix so I can actually play the game I purchased properly.

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[MAC-Steam][MacBookPro M1][0.90.00]
Maybe it has something to do with Rosetta2 interpretation of the position of the watch when in view?

Hi, the issue is still there however I found a way to make it less painful.
Your watch is visible when you have equipped items.
Some items make the watch more readable.
My personal favourite is the Wooden Crate and Spear.
When you have these equipped, you can almost read the status on your watch.
When you tap the watch key (‘F’) it will put the watch in a readable position (travel distance is shorter then without equipped item).
watch status on equipped items does update only after you tap ‘F’, otherwise, it remains static.
Also, if you want to see other screens, than F and click to cycle as usual.



Same issues here! I’ve tried to play the game with my girl - and we still would love to play but unfortunately we can’t see our stats which makes the game unplayable.

Apple iMac M1

I hope there will be a bugfix oder smth like that soon!


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any updates on this? We are now half a year later with the issue still persisting?

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Devs, any updates planned in future? The game is unplayable without watches

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The same thing happens to me. It is already 2022 and there is still no solution, we cannot play without the watch
They should give a solution

Will this bug be fixed with the new patch 0.90.11?

I thought! I made the update, and against all expectations, it worked… Since I had to quit and launch the game again later. And it doesn’t work anymore. And it makes me angry not to know why it worked at one time (was there a bug in the bug ?) and not later. Still waiting

Is there any effort being put into resolving this issue? Or are the devs not even watching the thread anymore?

It’s been a year and this issue is still happening. I hope the devs fix this

Hi SakuruDesu

as per another thread on this topic:

Hello everyone.
The dev team have found a solution to this issue.
There is no timeline for the next release or if this will make it into that release.
We just wanted to let you know that a solution is on the horizon, hopefully in an upcoming release.
Just to reiterate: no promises regarding release date.