Long over due update

This has been long over due for an update. We on consoles have waited to long. It seems like the devs and qa do not care. The reason i say this is nothing has been pushed out in months. I paid for the game due to jacksepticeye on console. Yet i feel i wasted my money for a broken game that seems to never be fixed. All the other companies have done updates. Almost weekly to monthly. Where is beam teams?

Its like buy it then forget it. You pay what you get. A brojen game that will never be fixed. Where in the console will these be fixed? I want a date that this is update is going to be pushed out. Not a eta. Not a around time frame. I paid for this at 19.99 before it went to playstation plus. Oh i paid for it. Dont complain its free now? I sunk money into this. I see they care more about pc then consoles.



Hi Wfpk4life, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for your feedback. The team is currently working on the next update for the console version of Stranded Deep. While I understand console players have been waiting a long time for an update and for issues to be fixed, I can assure you that the dev team very much cares about all versions of the game and are working to get the next update out for console as soon as possible.

The latest progress update from the team can be found here: [Console] Message from the Team, 2022-08-30 and I hope to have another progress update for the community from the dev team soon.

While I understand there are also large gaps between the updates in comparison to other companies, you can also find the history of console updates in the [Console] News and Announcements - Stranded Deep section, and as soon as any information regarding the release date of the next update, or a confirming list of contents is made available, it will be posted in that section.

In the past, Sam shared details of what is involved in getting a fix from the dev team out to players (Quoted below). You may already be aware of the process and I do not share it as an excuse but rather as additional information regarding the process involved and why it can be difficult to give a release date when the update is still actively being worked on. Please also note the process below was listed in context for a hotfix for an issue, for each update the process will contain multiple issues that are bundled into a build before submission to 1st parties.

If there were problem prior for a fix going out then why put something out that makes it worse? Qa saw this n it was still pushed out. You know the problems. We proved and showed you devs moderators all about this. Yet we still wait cuz admit it. You messed up the game more then intended to then “fix” the issuses. Well as i said its been close to a year or over a year since a update to fix the problems.

As i said…if theyd care then after reports came in on problems THATS when it should have been enough. As i said pc is easier to do coding with then xbox n ps4

Sometimes there are issues that slip through testing, in other cases sometimes an issue can be fixed for 50%+ of everyone experiencing it but when some users still report it after the fact it can become apparent that there is more than one issue that can give the same result. Catching issues that slip through is one of the reasons why issues reported in the Console Bug Reports with as much information as possible are valuable to the team.

Issues that appear in updates or as a result of changes or after updates are never the intention of the team and the team are working to resolve both newer issues and long standing ones.

The team are continuing their work on the next console update. I am not a dev so I cannot speak to the timeline for this or more details beyond the “Message from the Team” updates for console. I understand waiting for issues to be resolved can be frustrating for players but I do not have more details to provide at this time.