Known issues? (2107) seed 25310179 (xbox version)

Hey everyone! Good to see some qol changes! I’m popping by to say hi and note my findings so far.

On the topic of qol (quality of life), I found that I now have to make sure every log is chopped off another in order to make planks. Used to work without trimming to one log each. Loving the piles and improved crate capacity. On topic of crate capacity, if you start with starting crates, I’ve noticed so far, an unlimited capacity of items. The stack count is unaffected but I can put more than 5 sets of items in the starting crates. You do not see more than 5 and you have to take one of the five you see to see additional items but it is unlimited to my experiment.
I will only touch on the spear issue since it’s been addressed in another post. Black tip reef sharks are still aggressive for me. I’m starting to see a unique circumstance in which it seems to happen. For instance in my current seed (listed above), on the starter island, a big wreck with red shipping crates is there. There is occasionally a goblin shark prowling around. If for instance it does not spawn the goblin shark, it turns a black tip reef shark aggressive in the area. I hope this new development helps resolve this issue. They are stupid fast and hard to kill. Still on topic of in the water, I occasionally get bat audio when swimming the island(s) during the day.
Not a bug but a missed feature
I miss pinning a crafting recipe (antidote or fuel for example) and being able to wonder an island to find the material easier. This does still work on picked items and dropped items (even sticks and rocks spawned in). It used to work for potato, pipi and the fruits and now does not.

These issues are being witnessed on a literally week old series x. So I doubt any console interference. As always, I will pop in and say hi and update on my progress and findings.

Shout out to the entire team for keeping this game alive and updated. It’s a top tier survival game and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.
Sorry beam team for the multi part update. It would not let me post any issue another way. It’s probably my fault.
Thanks for the lantern brightness update.

Did you log on and all refinded spears that were stuck in the ground or boat vanish on you? I had that happen to mine after I restarted the game when I turned my Xbox back on…

To update some things, I noticed that when playing on my world for a while, some crates became unable to be picked up. I solved this by saving, quitting and logging back in. The issue with the starting crate seems to be a fluke issue as well. Another problem I’ve noticed is with building. When you build, and you’re snapping things together, you cannot rotate them. Or at least I cannot. This goes for raft building and structure. I have not had any missing spear issues. I put em all in boxes.

Now for what I assume to be an unpopular opinion… I feel since the crates have more space and inevitably get more items in them, the game feels far easier. I hope to keep the box increased capacity but find a little less loot. Perhaps a rate change for balance based on difficulty setting? Sounds good in theory but I don’t know how that integrates. But as I said it’s probably unpopular opinion. I’m still enjoying myself.

Hi Bam101015,

Thank you for reporting these issues, some are already known to the team but I’ve tried to highlight and respond to each one below - If I’ve missed anything, please let me know.

Separating logs:
I believe this change is as designed. However I will double check and pass this feedback onto the team.

Starter Crates:
This should’ve been addressed with the recent update. But I’ve reached out to the team to check as I believe it should have applied to pre-existing crates in saves.
If you empty the crate entirely, save and reload does it still only display 5 slots?

Shark Aggression:
Thank you for confirming you still see this in game with the Black Tip Reef Sharks. I do not believe a fix was released for this and it may be a lower priority for the team at the moment, but I will comment on my report and let them know you’ve confirmed it is still occurring in the current version. Your observations on the shark behavior is also very interesting and I’ll include it in my message to the team as it may offer clues as to what’s causing this to happen and help resolve it.
Bat Audio:
I’ll alert the team you’re still hearing this is the current version too.

Unable to pin recipes:
This may not be intended. I’ll submit a report to the team about this with the info you’ve shared. Thank you for mentioning it.

Unable to move crates:
The team are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. It appears to occur when multiple crates are accessed and a player moves items around the crates and their inventory. The current known workaround is as you described - saving and reloading. I am unsure if traveling to a new island and back again so just the area reloads would have the same effect, but if you try this and it works, please let me know.

Rotating items:
Other players have reported this and noticed that if you long press L1 or R1 they should rotate, there’s just a slight delay. If this doesn’t work for you though, please let me know.

Crate space:
Thank you for your feedback. This was adjusted in v2104 to balance out with the raft size being limited to prevent issues with gameplay stability. I will however note your feedback for the team.

Thanks again, and if I missed anything, or if there’s anything else you noticed, please do not hesitate to add to this thread and I’ll pass info onto the team.

@Greywolf0078 - I’m sorry to hear you lost spears this way. I would greatly appreciate it if you would create a new Bug Report with as much information as possible about your setup and experience and I’ll get back to you asap.

Follow up from the team member looking into the starter crates update not occuring for you. Can you confirm you see the number 2107 in the bottom left of the main menu and that the issue is still occuring for you in with this version number?

Also re: Black Tip Reef sharks, I recieved confirmation from a team member that Black Tip Reef sharks are indeed agressive in the console version and spawn in with Sharks. As opposed to the PC version where they are passive and spawn within the Fish system.

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