[XB1][2107] Cannot pick up crates

Hi there,
I’m on Xbox One, single player, 2107, seed# 9434464, day 87 in game, and I too am having more and more issues with no longer being able to move or pick up random crates. Saving, reloading, sleeping, etc doesn’t fix the issue. I’ve had multiple chests become immobile over the past several IRL days and my total stuck crates between multiple islands is now up to 6 as of this moment. Can’t keep playing if I lose access to all of my crates over time because I can’t transport materials.

Hi @Polarguyinak

My apologies for the delay in responding to your message. I moved your thread to it’s own post so I can address it directly and ask some questions.

Please let me know:

  • Did you notice if this started to occur as you were organising storage?
  • Are you able to access the contents of the crates even if you cannot move them?
  • Have you noticed if the crates are from custom islands (if you have any), game generated islands or a mix of both?
  • Have you noticed if any particular item stored in a chest may trigger this to occur?
  • If you shut down your console for 2 mins and reboot to clear the cache of the console, does the issue persist?
  • Have you tried traveling to other islands and back again to check the crates?
  • One player reported that after a few in-game days the crates reset themselves and could be moved again. Have you noticed if the crates you can and can’t move change?
  • As you mentioned transporting materials and visiting multiple islands, are the crates stored in container shelves on your raft, container shelves on land, or on the ground?

I am sorry this issue has occured in your save and I understand the impact this can have on gameplay. Any additional information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi. I also have this problem quite extremely but I am learning to adapt (uncomfortably) to it. I thought I’d answer Clares questions to see if I could be of any help. This has all only started happening since update 2107.

I think the bug gets more extreme when I have a raft with many crates (mine currently holds 18) and then many other crates 20+ lying about the rest of the island. The teleporting crates (see below) happens when loading into the game, the stuck crates usually occur after depositing something in them or loading in.

Can usually get into the crates to swap to another when they are locked in place.

Crates as far as I am aware are a mixture, but I can’t confirm as I renamed them and don’t remember all their sources.

Crates with fruit/potatoes/meat seem to have further issues where certain fruits can’t go in one crate but can go in another. Others fruits can go in the bugged crate/stack (despite being same type/freshness) so each individual fruit has its own behavior with crates.

Rebooting doesn’t really change anything.

Sometimes it gets reset when I drop other items first, reload or travel around. It’s like there is a secondary lower item limit when trying to carry the bugged crates.

Container shelves on raft in particular. The crates on them will switch with random crates elsewhere on my island and the original crates will be found in mid air around my raft.

One of the crates that teleported onto my raft also disappeared entirely one time. Was not found on the sea bed or above raft either. Lost all my lanterns.

Hola muy buenas yo también tengo problemas con eso de las cajas como que despues de cierto tiempo no las puedes mover ni recoger,no se por que se debe esto pero es algo molesto ya que he hecho mas mundos y pasa lo mismo
Solo me deja recoger lo que hay dentro pero aun asi reinicio y no me deja hacer nada con la caja

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Hello, very good, I also have problems with the boxes, as after a certain time you cannot move or pick them up, I don’t know why this is due, but it is somewhat annoying since I have made more worlds and the same thing happens
It only lets me pick up what’s inside but I still reboot and it won’t let me do anything with the box

Hi @Spr1ntee,

My sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your post.

Thank you for sharing what you have observed about his issue and how you have worked around it within your game.

Your experience with the crates becoming stuck matches what the team and others have observed where the issue can be triggered by adding and removing items from crates / organizing storage etc.

Thank you for also highlighting what you’ve noticed about fruits and in crates. When you say some can go into one crate but not into another, do you mean that any fruit of that type cannot be put in a crate, or have you noticed that one fruit might only accept 4 of it’s type, whereas the other might accept 8? If it’s the latter, this could be due to how the new stacking is working as it did not apply to all fruits - but I believe the team are working to balance this. However if it’s an entire fruit type, this would require further investigation on our end. Any additional information you can share regarding this would be fantastic as I can help the team members looking into this.

I will pass everything you have shared onto the relevant teams. I know the crates becoming stuck issues was having a fix tested for it last time I checked but I believe the crates shifting is still under investigation / testing if there could be multiple causes as it appears a little differently for each player.

If you’ve noticed anything else since your last report, please do let me know and I’ll pass this on also.

Thank you.

Hi @LuisdX3

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Thank you for your understanding.

I am very sorry for the delay in responding to you directly since adding that translation.

It appears you are experiencing the issue where crates can no longer be moved after moving items to and from multiple crates. When reloading, please try clearing the cache of your console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting. Then when you load in, try to move the crates immediately. If you access them to retrieve / move items again it could trigger the issue to occur.

Players have also reported leaving an area and returning (so just the island and the items on it reload) or waiting a few in-game days can also allow them to move crates again.

Please let me know if any of the above work for you. However please note it is a temporary workaround, and using the crates again in a similar way will cause the issue to reoccur.

Thank you.