[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

Hi Josh, thank you for sharing those screenshots, I will pass this onto the the team also. Would it be possible to get a copy of this save data? While the team cannot fix and return saves, it may help them to investigate what is causing this to happen as a side effect of the update and hopefully ensure it doesn’t happen to other saves.

It is my understanding that because the issue happens while saving and affects save files, files caught in the “Cleaning Up” phase cannot be restored. However if this info from the team changes, I will of course inform the community.

If you’re happy to send a copy of your save for the team to look at, you can find the instructions here: [Save File Request]

Hey Clare,
sure I will send you the save data.
But for me it looks bad to have my saved game back right?

Thank you Josh, and yes unfortunately if it was stuck in the “Cleaning Up” phase I’m afraid this save cannot be restored. I am sorry that this is the case and I completely understand how disheartening this is for players…

Hi @Clare does that mean we should technically be able to load a new save on play on single player without hitting the ‘cleaning up’ glitch now on xbox series X ? Been doing a private multiple save at the mo and everything has been ok so far on day 55

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Yep… i am on Day 200.

Now after patch when i hit play… it only goes to new game…

I’ve been reading back for months on this issue and it’s apparent they don’ t know whats going on. Clare keeps saying she is trying to fix the problems with the devs but nothing gets fixed. Get my save game back or refund my money now.

Has anybody tried reporting this problem to Microsoft?

Get my save back or refund my money, NOW!!!

Hi again,

I saw that the game was updated, now I have version 2079 and I tried starting a new game, found a crate and dumped it in the deep ocean, and saved after to see if the bug is still there and… IT WORKS!!! if I will encounter this bug again I will sure post here to report it.

Thanks for fixing it, even if the saves are gone for good

@guest - I am sorry this issue has affected your save. Please see the top post for the latest information. We do not have access to player accounts and payment information on our end, please contact Xbox support if you wish to request a refund as all refunds must be processed through the online store where the game was purchased.

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@SpliffSix - Thank you for sharing those screenshots also, I will pass these onto the team as well to show it’s consistent for players whose saves were in the “Cleaning Up” phase.

@AdriaNova3742 - Thank you so much for confirming that the fix has worked for you. This is great to hear and I’ll be sure to pass it onto the team. Please do keep me updated if the issue occurs for you again but I hope it does not and I’m glad to hear you can dump items in the ocean as you please :slight_smile:

No problem Clare, I tried dropping several items, both in crates and also only the items and so far so good :slight_smile:

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Thanks for pushing a fix, I’ll have to try a new game start on it. Appreciate the effort the programmers have put into it, and yours here on the forums.

Working great. ^^

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Glad to hear it @OldStoner - thank you for your feedback and your support :slight_smile:

Been to a different island, killed everything, searched wrecks, farmed fiber leaves, ect, saved, sailed back saved, no issues on saving/loading, few spears went into the abyss during shark hunting. So it looks like the patch is solid.

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Fantastic, thank you for the update @OldStoner :slight_smile:

I play in ps4 when i started game its stuck on cleaning up page what should i do ?

@Duaij - please see my reply to your other post here - PS4 - Cleaning up page

UPDATE 2022/01/03

Players who are just starting the game, not loading an established save may be experiencing a different issue that presents in the same way. Please see the following topic for more information: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] "Cleaning Up" phase freeze when starting new game