[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Items falling through the ground

Issue Summary:
After update 2071 there has been increased reports of items falling through the ground when dropped by players from their hands or inventory.

There are no workarounds, however some players have reported that items that fall through the sand my appear floating in the water nearby or on the shore at a later stage

Further Reporting
Please let me know the seed and island location where you experienced this issue. If you have a video clip of it that would also be very useful, the team wants to replicate player experiences as closely as possible in testing.

Had this happen on a custom home island. Dropped 5 fish to skin and they disappeared, only to turn up a day later on the shore.
Also had a incident with the sunscreen. Had the original from the starter crates, dropped it by my campfire and when I picked it up it spawned 2 of them. When I later dropped it again both disappeared. The original used one returned up a day later on the shore again.

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Thanks for that information Deadgirl_1 - the duplication along with vanishing is interesting. I’ll make a note in case they’re related.

I had this same issue on a custom island, when I dropped lotion, it didn’t only create 2, it created 4 lotions for me

I have also dropped fish to skin, and they disappeared before I skinned them, and later turned up on the shore

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Chopping palm bunch into palm fronds occasionally yields less than 5 fronds. I’m finding them, not at the nearest beach, but on the opposite side of the island in a direct line with the drift pattern of the water. They show up right where land meets water. Online/solo/custom map

This had been happening for me since 2071, but not very frequently, and most commonly with thin items, like planks. They typically only fall slight through the floor for me, and can usually be retrieved by crouching even if they’re not visible. However, I was always dropping near sea level on the shore due to the interaction bug. Last night though, while playing a bit with 2074, my hoe and two crabs completely fell through the floor, which I don’t think has actually happened to me before. I had dropped the hoe fairly close to shore, and the crabs I dropped up higher on the island . Basically just posting here to let the devs know it’s still present in 2074.

PS4, default settings except animals removed, save slot started under 2071. Don’t think I played that slot under 2073.

Commenting so I know I’ve read to here and updated my report for the team accordingly. Thanks for that information everyone!