[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Inventory and Tool Belt Reset (2074)

Hi Blacksoulseater, I have moved your post to this newer topic as the issue you were posting in is older and resolved (not moving the topic on me and I will do it now)

I understand this issue is very frustrating for players, but please post in a respectful manner on the forums.

If you can recall what was in your toolbelt when this issue occured, please let us know as this information can help the team members investigating this issue.

[Update] - edited the title as this issue can occur in single player

Normaly i would post respectivly but me and my friend have put in hours of time for nothing . The things in my toolbelt where a hammer , axe , spear , compas for that matter .we even deleted the game today because more problems arose like kicking my friend every 2 minutes and needing to spend 5 minutes just to invite him back , or blue screening when saving at a shelter and thats just sad cause we both feel it could be the coolest survival game yet

Thank you for that information Blacksoulseater, I will pass these details onto the team members investigating this issue.

Encountered this issue today

Multiplayer PS4 - I was host

Day 36

Saved last night after making new refined axe and putting it on toolbelt. Today I have no toolbelt access and I can’t build a new one. Makes bonk noise when I hold l1 to access and d pad does nothing. Items were refined knife refined spear compass and refined axe.

Hi Arborcat, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear that this issue has affected your save too. Thank you for sharing the details of your experience. Before saving did you notice any disconnects for player 2 or did you experience any syncing issues at the time?

Multiplayer and didnt have refined axe. had regular axe,flashlight,refined knife,spear gun

Hi Warlord13, thanks for confirming that. Were any of the items in the toolbelt newly crafted and added to the toolbelt shortly before saving?

Most likely yes. We have been experiencing lots of disconnect and sync issues. Seems to maybe be less after the patch, played for a couple hours and only had one disconnect while on the raft sailing between islands.

Thank you for confirming that for me Arbotcat, I’ll update my disconnect report too.

Sorry I should have updated this post last week…

UPDATE 2021/12/06
Through testing the “Cleaning Up” phase issue, the team have found further clues in the cause of the inventory bug which they hope will lead to a fix being created and released to the community soon.

Thanks! It was quite difficult and nerve-racking fighting the bosses on permadeath, especially after a few failed attempts caused me to restart completely lol. I plan to overtake the current record of 421 days, lol. Fun fact: I have looted 23 of the islands on my world and all corresponding shipwrecks, and have only found one piece of duct tape. Had to finally deconstruct my boat motor to use the duct tape to make the speargun, so back at the sails again for now. Also to add a bit of information about the toolbelt/inventory bug that occurred in my other save. I haven’t loaded it up in a while, but since I accidentally saved with empty inventory and lost toolbelt it will likely not be redeemable. I was host on around day 60 when it finally happened, on a private multiplayer game. A friend had joined multiple times after a series of disconnects and watch desync issues. The common items that I had on my toolbelt with other reports I’ve seen were the speargun (in bottom slot) refined pick (in left slot). I had all 4 toolbelt slots unlocked. The save file that I’m using now was created before the patch was released, but I was careful to observe which items I placed in toolbelt. Up until now on the new file, I have only used 2 toolbelt slots (just in case the bug occurred I would still be able to make another 2 slots). Top slot being always occupied by a refined axe and right slot always a refined spear. I recently crafted the 3rd (bottom) toolbelt slot and placed a speargun in it, which I don’t plan to change for testing purposes. I have not had any issues so far. I know this comment is likely in the wrong place, but there are a few different topics about this bug and not sure if any were created in reference to playing on the Xbox Series X. Feel free to move this post elsewhere if there is a more fitting place.

Happy surviving everyone, hope this may help someone avoid the calamity :slight_smile:

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Hi @ArmchairTuna66 - I moved your post here as it has a lot of great information. If there are a number of topics and you don’t want to create your own, check out the “Known Issues” section of the forums as I often have topics there for gathering information :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing that info!

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No they were already in tool belt

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Thank you for confirming Warlord13


Just wanted to report my observations when encountering a disappearing inventory as host.

Console: ps5
Game type: multiplayer as host
No refined axe
Toolbar 2 unlocked

Perhaps something of note, the island we spawned on had a small dilapidated lean-to with a small broken crate next to it. When encountering the inventory bug we noticed the crate was gone from that camp. Reloading fixed the issue as we hadn’t saved. Checked on the crate and it was back.

Just a thought but could the tool bug issue be caused by the ‘clean up’ phase because I see a lot of problems have occurred during the clean up phase on the loading screen

Hi @Rupert, welcome to the forums,
Thank you for reporting this and for mentioning that crate.I shall inform the team of this. Would it be possible to know the seed of this multiplayer save (you should see this in the cartographer of the save slot) and if you were on the starting island or a different one?

@HeavyZnDaBoys - I’m not sure of how closely they were linked, but the team did say they found something when investigating the “Cleaning Up” issue that would help them in resolving this issue. I think the biggest difference is the “Cleaning Up” issue primarily affected Single Player saves and this one is reported more in Multiplayer saves, but there could be something in common that lead to the teams discovery. Unfortunately I don’t know anything more beyond that comment from the team.

Update: I was able to re-craft the first toolbelt slot, but all the others are still locked. My crafting level is maxed. This is good news before all slots were locked. I’m not sure if this was patch during the most recent update?

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Im also on PS4, and noticed i could make the first toolbelt again. I also noticed you cant thereafter build the others. I also noticed that the story related items are also locked again, but as you can see, I definitely have some already