Issues Placing my Farmplot

I love this game, it got me playing more than the Forest my most favourite part is the base building and I already have this beautiful home design. But when I got the point that I have to start farming potatoes for fuel… I realized I cant place the farm plots on floors like plank or brick floors. A youtuber said he can build them on floor, not sure what he meant. But why is this not a thing? my beautiful dream vacation home is now just a dream without my garden

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Hi Lutzkie,

There are a number of resource stations that cannot be placed on flooring/foundations at the moment. Players usually place far plots on the ground, however there are some workarounds that players are using that may be benifical to you, but it may require resources to build around your farm area that you can then break back down afterwards.

Please see the known issues report on this for potential workarounds: [Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings

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But will it be added on the next few updates? Because I really think this can change the way players build, imagine the beautiful creations they can make

I unfortunately do not have a set list of what will be added when so can’t confirm a timeline for specific issues or changes.

I understand it’s something players would love to be able to do without having to use workarounds and I shall add your feedback on this to my report for the team.

Any changes or additions to the game will be noted in Updates in the [Console] News and Announcements section once info in available, so I would recommend keeping an eye on that section too.

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Personally, I prefer to keep my farm plots in one space near my shelter. I think having it in a shelter or under a structure might hinder natural watering, so I’ve never actually attempted to add a farm plot to a foundation platform before.

If you do succeed in placing a farm plot on a foundation, be sure to never place a floor or roof above it, just in case rain can’t water the plot for you.

If you keep a corner of the farm as far in the water as possible, it will help keep it watered. :wink:

My farm plots are skewed because the surface is not even on my island.
That is why I would like to place them on plank floors so that I can align them nicely straight together.

I have heard of PC players being able to place farm plots on floor levels that are at least a few storeys high. I have never tested it on PS4 nor can I confirm it actually works. Has anyone tried it?