I am trying to locate a seed

Hello everyone. I am trying to find a seed that I lost during the glitch. I was in 220 days into the game and notice the issue when my snakes were missing. I kept playing not knowing what was about to happen to the game for every player. Somehow I am able to find the original save game with the 220 days but here’s the issue!! It does restart my game all over and not in the original seed. I am not sure if I panicked and changed the seed number. I am sure it couldn’t of been by many numbers. I was very new to Stranded Deep and was not aware of the seed numbers or that they even existed. I have spent so much time looking for my original seed with no luck. I had the perfect island and miss it. Can anyone please give me any suggestions on how to locate that original seed on PS4?

Hi Vrivera2022,

I believe the issue you may be referring to is the one where player’s saves became stuck when loading. Saves affected by this issue cannot be restored due to the nature of the issue that resulted in an error when saving. The hotfix that was released by the team was to prevent this trigger from occurring again in existing saves, but as a side effect, saves stuck in the loading phase cannot be accessed by players even though players may see the save data on their console, this then results in the save slot starting a new game - the team are investigating why this would be to ensure it does not happen again.

It sounds like you may already be aware of this post, but if not, more of the latest information on this issue can be found here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load - Please note this thread covers the first time the issue appears, the subsequent fixes and the issue appearing again in Single Player saves more recently.

If a new save is started in the same save slot, the map seed may have been randomised again which is why you cannot see the same seed number. If have sent a message to the team asking if there is any way to see the seed number if you were to save the old save file to a USB (If it hasn’t been overwritten by a new save in that slot) - I’m not a dev so I’m not sure if there is but if they have a solution that may help I’ll let you know.

Following up from the team. The only way to access the seed number would be in having the save file in a slot and checking the cartographer.

If you still have the original save file (Given the days on it, it may appear larger than other newer save files), you may wish to try backing this up to a USB and removing all other Stranded Deep saves from your console (Either by also backing them up or by deleting). Then try install the older save back onto your system. As it was affected by the “Cleaning Up” phase you will likely not see a “Continue” option. However if your game recognises the 220 days, you may be able to access the cartographer (Do not select New Game before this) and see if the seed number displayed is the one you’re looking for from your older save. This would be a long shot but it is the only workaround I can think of that may help you to access the seed number.