Hooks and shelves on ps is not attaching on wall

Hooks and shelves on ps is not attaching on wall

I have the same problem. already mentioned many times on this forum and the developers know about it and working on a fix. I hope it will be soon :crossed_fingers::pray:

FYI: I have same issue on Xbox1 multiplayer mode. (I don’t play single player so can’t say there)

I can get the shelf to auto spin itself into the correct snap-to position, but it stay’s red and won’t snap-to.

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Hi Daniel12k, welcome to the forums,

As @Sepy137 already mentioned (thank you Sephy137 :slight_smile: ) the team is aware of this issue and they’re currently working on and testing the fix for the issue.

Unfortunately I do not have a timeline for a release of the fix, but as they know what caused the issue to occur, hopefully it wont be too long.

Thank you also to @Picaro for sharing your experience. It’s good for me to know what players are seing and how many players are affected so I can report back to the team.

Thank you again to each of you for reporting and sharing information.

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Same issue here

Now i cant complete the game and get the last trophies i need for platinum

I know your feeling bro…only hook and shelves depends on my platinum trophy lol

Same here, lol. At least the team is working on it so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Same issue XB1, the “Gotta craft them all!” acheivement is unachievable :frowning:

Hi all, and welcome to the forums Loeckiey and samiswild

Thank you for confirming you’re experiencing this issue too. I’ll update my report with player numbers to be sure the team are aware that this is affecting most, if not all, players.

I play it on PS5 and can also confirm it. Shelves and hooks cannot be placed on walls.

Hi DrMZxx, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for confirming you’ve seen this when playing Stranded Deep on PS5. I’ll note this info for the team.

Oh! not sure if this matters, but I wanted to elaborate on my previous post about getting the shelf to auto-spin into the right snap-to position even though it stays red and won’t build… auto-spin is the only way i can rotate it. My RB & LB buttons will not rotate shelves like they’re supposed to… Even though it says on the screen that I should be able to…

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Thanks for mentioning that Picaro, I’ll note it for the team as it could be related to this issue.

I do play SP and same issue

@Greywolf0078 Thank you for reporting you see this issue too.

@Picaro - I checked with the team, and they noted that the shelves and hooks should not rotate as they only have one position on the walls and should snap to that position. I highlighted for them that having the RB and LB button prompts on screen makes it look like you should be able to - as you described and they appreciate the feedback for this.

They won’t attach to anything on Xbox one

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Has this issue been addressed? Light hooks to hang on walls are still not working. Ps4 console used to have this problem figured but somewhere down the line it’s been bugged out.

Hi Kryss89,

The this issue should be resolved in the next update. The latest info on the update can be found here: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info

I don’t have a date for the release of this update yet, but as soon as I have more info I’ll post it in the News and Announcements section.

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