Goblin sharks missing?

Hi there.

I am playing on Xbox One X, and have been trying to build a collection of every shark. I have spent 10+ hours looking solely for the Goblin shark and have never spotted it. I have caught and seen at least 10+ of every other type (Tiger, Great White, Blacktip, Hammerhead, Marlin, Whale Shark).

I’ve went around the very edge of the map, every island, between islands, on the shore, down by wrecks…

Am I doing something wrong? Are they even available on Xbox? Are they bugged? Have I just got the worst RNG there is?

Any help would be much appreciated, because I am tiring of just floating about in circles.


Hi Spr1ntee, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time finding Goblin Sharks. If I recall correctly they are one of the rarest sharks, but I’ll check with the team to see if I can get any stats that might help your search :slight_smile:

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Thanks Clare for the welcome, look forward to finding out so I can spend more time doing the fun stuff!

Hi Spr1ntee,

So a team member did confirm for me that the Goblin Sharks are rare in game. All Sharks have a chance “weight” associated with them with the RNG is spawning sharks and the Goblin Shark chance is lower than every other shark.

Unfortunately it can be down to Luck, you could find one on your first day, or - like you’ve already experienced - go a chunk of gameplay time without seeing one.

One thing I would suggest is sticking to game-generated island as opposed to custom islands as the team are still investigating Sharks not spawning at custom islands for some players.

Okay, thanks for that. Yeah, I’ve stuck to game created islands when hunting them. Just unlucky I guess.

Oh well, thanks for letting me know I’m not just barking up the wrong tree! :slight_smile:

No worries! Fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

You and me both man. I been playing this game 137 hours and I have the great white, hammer, black tip, tiger, Marlin/swordfish, whale shark, Meg…. But guess which one I have never seen once on ps4/ps5 on online play or single player? A goblin shark. I know it’s real though because I did see it on another multiplayer online servers base and I instantaneously bombarded his messages with where he got it, how he got it, etc? of course, he didn’t “NO HABLA ENGLISH” and couldn’t really tell me.

Me and a friend of mine even spent days and nights sailing the stranded deep ocean by every inch and NEVER saw one until we just gave up. I even have taken down every tree on every island, I have a water still and save hut on every single island and I even built a mega cabin on my main island just to explain how much I have played this game. If I had found the goblin shark at 20 hrs in, I probably would have never gone to the extent in the game that I have lol. If I ever find one I will literally crap myself in shock.

I have gone 150 days in game surviving and I have never once seen a goblin shark. I have solely spent 75 of those days searching for it exclusively. Are you sure this shark is in the game? I’m on ps5/ps4. I’m ready to believe that my game does not have a goblin shark in it… I have searched every island, cut every tree down and transported it on my monster yacht, I have searched every shallow and deep area and not ONE has ever shown itself… any help would be fabulous.!

Hi Sushiman12345,

I replied to the thread you created here: Goblin Shark Still Non-Existent

Did you ask your team about the map seed I’m on in regards to the goblin shark?