Goblin Shark Still Non-Existent

I am now on 150 days surviving. 2 boats built so my friend can sail one direction and I can sail another in order to find this elusive goblin shark. I have killed 50 great whites, 50 whale sharks, 50,000 tigers, 5,000 black reef sharks, 1 million hammerheads, and not one goblin shark. I even quit the game a year ago cause I couldn’t find a goblin shark and hoped that with a future update the bug that I seem to have would be fixed. I came back obviously a year later , and the shark is still nowhere to be found. Either I’m the unluckiest player in stranded deep history with spawns or it simply isn’t in my game. I’d love to see if an admin could look at my profile or something and see if my game is messed up. I have sailed every island, every wreck, chopped every tree, built a mega cabin, and this elusive ghost shark mocks me at every turn. Everyone else seems to get these spawns, but I have done shallow water, deep water, and not even a sniff of a goblin shark exists. PS4/ps5 here, so maybe it’s playstation?

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Hi Sushiman12345, welcome to the forums,

I’ve read your posts in the other thread and will reach out to the team to ask them about this. While the Goblin Shark is very rare, it should appear in the game as there is no fundamental difference between XB1 and PS4 version. Can you give me the seed number of your map and confirm for me if any islands were every replaced by custom islands in your save? (If your single player and multiplayer games are in the same slot, they will be using the same seed)

You mentioned seeing one on another Multiplayer players base. Was this on the PlayStation version or a different version?

Unfortunately we do not have access to player profiles and saves directly for checking is anything is wrong. But if the team believes has any further queries about your I’ll follow up in this thread.

Thank you

I actually saw it again on another friends map yesterday, so it does exist, but on my map it doesn’t. I have no idea as to why. Sometimes the shark music turns on but no shark appears, that probably happens 4-5 times every time I play, so I’m starting to think that my game might have a bug in it. Also, to answer your question, the maps I both saw them on were ps4.

My single player game is at a different progress point than my multiplayer game, so I don’t think that would be causing any problems. I’ve beaten the game 4-5 times and never came across a single goblin shark one time. And for the amount of hours I’ve played, regardless of how rare it is, it would have shown up by now I’d imagine. There is no way it can’t cause I’ve come across numerous whale sharks and Marlin and those tend to be on the rarer side.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by seed? The only number I see is on the save menu bottom left and it says 2116… is that correct? Not sure if that’s what you are talking about.

Hi @Sushiman12345, afraid I can’t help with finding the goblin shark but you’re not missing much they are pretty hideous. If you are looking for the seed you can find it at the bottom of the cartographer screen. I think it represents the specific map that you are playing.

Yea I know they are ugly, but I’m trying to get a shark collection completed and that shark is holding me up cause I can never find it…

Does it matter online versus single player?

Seed number I found is #13739218

I hope this helps in order to figure out the problem!

So this is extremely interesting. I started a brand new game and now it shows up the first time. Can you check my map seed and see if it is just a problem with that map? Cause this new map now has it…… so weird. My main map doesn’t. I shared the seed in my previous comment.

More than likely just really unlucky, iv never encountered a problem like this and i have played since console release on countless playthroughs. Could be a really unique glitch

Yea I think I found a unique glitch for sure. New game = no problem, but my old game = problems spawning it. I don’t understand :joy:

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Hi Sushiman12345,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. In discussing your lack of Goblin Sharks with the team, they confirmed that the Goblin Shark is rare and that in testing seeds they were able to find them. They also offered seed number 18608736 as one should spawn near the player at the start of the game. However I understand that you want this Goblin Shark in your main save.

I’ve asked for further confirmation if the RNG can result in no Goblin Sharks at all, but Sam (developer) did confirm that the RNG of a Goblin Shark showing up in a map is directly tied to the seed number. Meaning it is possible that you have an unlucky seed number for Goblin Sharks.

I’ll pass your seed number onto the team and let you know if the RNG allows for a chance that no Goblin Shark spawned at all or if there could be one still hidden in your map.

Thank you for your updates on your own experiences too.

Yeah it’d be the seed. Not everything pops up in every seed. I’ve done runs and not seen whales, whale sharks, great whites, marlins etc… then next seed theres great whites at every boundary whales in every other one, nothing but reef and goblin sharks in the shallows

There are all of them all the time, just pot luck certain spawns are rarer than others sometimes but after years of play iv never found a seed that has none of a certain type. Thousands of real time hours on alot of playthroughs. Ps4 player. I really cant understand why this is reported

Must be an issue with just one save, the devs dont need to look into this they are addressing more important issues

Because others who don’t know about seeds and these problems are trying to collect trophies and experience everything in the game. And when one thing is missing it kind of ruins the experience if your map doesn’t have a specific creature. It’s good to know for future reference as well when I play with all of my stranded deep friends and if they have any problems I now know why. Every seed in my opinion should have every creature available. Why wouldn’t it?

Thank you Clare for looking into it! I really appreciate it. If you find out if my seed has one hidden that would be absolutely amazing. I’m leaning towards that it doesn’t but if it does, I will be ecstatic!

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