Don't let the game die!

There are 4 months until the end of the year and the game has not had an update, people need that to play it again with enthusiasm if they do not lose interest It is a very good game, they must update it even once more to get that “hype” back. Consoles count too, not just PC.

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Hi Fran,

The team are currently working on the next update for the console version of the game. In case you have not seen it the latest information in the post Message from the Team - Xbox Insider Program mentions a simultaneous update for all platforms being worked on.

As soon as any further details regarding any updates for the Console version are available they will be posted in the Console News and Announcements section.

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Personally, I feel the game can be played indefinitely if you choose the right goal, with or without major updates on a yearly schedule. Right now, a lot of gaming companies are running slower than their usual pace, so patience is necessary during these slower update times.

I’ve taken to just trying to maximize my base camps, and playing multiple files, without bothering with the final quest since that’s more if you want to get the completion than anything.

I know on PC, there’s a New Game Plus bonus for those who complete one playthrough, but I’m not sure if that is on consoles yet or not since I’ve not tried to beat the game yet. What you gain is an additional two crates with special items. I’ve seen it on PC version, but again, I’m not sure for consoles.

Survival games can honestly play for as long as you want them to, when they’re made like Stranded Deep.

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There is something similar is a box with some objects that they give you when passing the game and starting another game

The one on PC gives a rubber duck, sunscreen, a carbon speargun, some ammo for it (though normal ammo can be used once that is used up), a machete, and a flashlight (different item from the torch and lantern).

I forget which items are in which of the two orange crates, but they’re added to the life raft upon starting New Game Plus on PC, from what I’m aware of.

I’m hoping the console versions at least get the flashlight, machete, and speargun.

I just restarted on hard and got the two orange crates of extra stuff, but no raft. Is that normal on hard mode, no raft?

These things are on console you just need to finish the end game first then start a new game and use the starting crates in the options menu before starting. As for on pc not sure yet as im only 40 days in and still getting use to it with a ps4 controller connected

Idk maybe it’s a bug or part of the game difficult

Just wanted to confirm that no raft in hard mode is by design to add a extra challenge :slight_smile:

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