Message from the Team - Xbox Insider Program

Hi Everyone!

As some of you have already noticed, we are running a small closed beta for co-op MP via the Xbox Insider Program for a couple of weeks for testing purposes. Please rest assured we are focused on tightening up all versions - PC, PS4 and XB1 - and our plan is for simultaneous updates on these platforms later this year.

We’re excited to share more info with you at a later date but for now we’d like to remind everyone that it is a closed beta with an embargo on revealing information outside of the program. We greatly appreciate feedback via the XBox Insider Program.

Thank you all for your continued support!

:: Stay Alive,
Beam Team


Any chance of PlayStation getting a Multiplayer Test?

Greats news, thank you for the info :grin:

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Ive discovered this game for the first time due to the above. i have to say im loving it so far. im avoidin the wiki and online tutorials. any other insiders message me ill be on later. trying to pester all my friends to try it but with no luck.


@Lothaer - So far there’s only information for the Xbox Insider Progam. If the team make a similar setup for PS4 I’ll make sure it gets it’s own post so it can’t be missed :slight_smile:

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Hi Lauwein - welcome to the forums and to Stranded Deep!

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far - please share as much feedback as you can via the Xbox Insider Progam, the team would love to hear it! :smiley:


Exciting… Can’t wait :heart_eyes:


:frowning: .I hope they don’t leave us Playstation users abandoned

Save the best for last😁… where do I sign up to test ps4 version with my friend? Lol

As the post states, there’ll be a simultaneous update for all platforms. Outside of testing methods the PS4 and XB1 versions will stay in line with each other with future updates :slight_smile:

Will the forthcoming multiplayer update be couch co op play and online?

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Hi Thunder - welcome to the forums!

Details beyond whats been started above have not been confirmed yet. This is likely due to both the confidentiality of the XBox Insider Program as well as the fact that some things may be subject to change. When more details are revealed they’ll likely get their own post in the News and Announcements section so they can’t be missed :slight_smile:

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thank you for multiplayer,not really my thing as i don’t care to play online with others in any game.i do have some great ideas to make the game better.i have played tons of survival games post apocalypse and others and i have ideas for stranded deep to send it over the top as one of the best survival games ever.please contact me at [REMOVED by Clare].thank you beam team.

Hi Timmyc8790, welcome to the forums - I have edited your message as we ask players to refain from sharing personal identifiable information on our forums.

We’re glad to hear you enjoy Stranded Deep and we appreciate all feedback from players. We have suggestions sections for the Console and PC on the forums where you are more than welcome to share your ideas or requests for quality of life improvements in the game - though please note while we do go through them the team don’t often have time to respond to each suggestion directly and of course while they’ll be considered there is no guarantee they’ll be added.

[Removed due to Xbox Insider Program Embargo, see my comment for further info. Thanks! - Clare]

Hi @streetpirat0815 - welcome to the forums!

I really appreciate you reporting issues you find but due to the embargo and strict confidential nature of the Xbox Insider Program I had to remove your comment from the forums - but I did pass that info onto the team so they can look into it.

In future for issues with the Xbox Insider Program please use the program itself to report a problem. You can do this by…

  1. Holding down the Xbox button on your Xbox controller
  2. Select Report a problem
  3. Select the Games category and the Stranded Deep Demo subcategory
  4. Fill out the form with the appropriate details to help our investigation

Any other issues, with the live version (2033 or anything beyond when updated outside of the insider program) please post in the Console Bug Reports section of the forums. This helps to keep the forums tidy, makes sure reports don’t get lost in comment threads and also means I can respond and discuss the issue with you without causing any confusion in the threads with broken up replies.

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Clare any chance of giving us more information on when an update in regards to how multiplayer test on console is progressing or how long we might have to wait for the update, even just a snippet or any info you could provide is still ■■■■■■■ in confidential and legal stuff

Hi @Thunder - I don’t have anything yet I’m afraid… I pass on the request for info onto the team. If anything is shared with me I’ll let the community know :slight_smile:

That’s cool. Side note: Why we’re those words censored?

Splitscreen is the most important for console, it’s on PC and my only hope is it comes on console a day. I wish an confirmation about that but any news since the release… It’s very sad…