Custom island won’t spawn

PS5 version 2136 the custom island I created won’t spawn in. It’s just an empty island I waited 4 or 5 in game day then created another custom island and it’s been another 4 or 5 in game day and neither island have spawned. I’ve tried to reload the game shutdown my game and nothing seems to work. Please help

SEED #58077140

Hi Abe, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue with islands loading in correctly for you.

If the issue is still persisting for you, please let me know:

  • What setup are you creating for these islands (items, resources, etc)? And did you at any point get a notification about exceeding the limits of the island creator so some items may not spawn?
  • When replacing the second island, did you use the same custom island you had built or did you create a completely new one?
  • If you created a completely new second island, did you use the exact same settings or did you change it?
  • If you used the same island or the exact same settings, please try creating a completely different island and let me know if it spawns in correctly for you. This may help to narrow down if something is the island generator is causing the issue.
  • You mentioned that what you saw was an empty island - was this completely flat and featureless space or did some terrain features spawn but resources did not?
  • If the islands were empty because you stripped them yourself, but had not been replaced by your custom island…
    • Was this the first time you’d replaced that particular island in game? (please note that there are now restrictions on custom islands to prevent saves from being overloaded where they can only be replaced once once the game is saved. Please see [Console] Update 2126 - Custom Island Changes for more info)
    • Did you use the cartographer to double check that you traveled to the correct island?

Any additional information you can give me about your setup and gameplay experience would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to investigate what could be causing this problem for you.

Thank you.

Edit: sorry for the delayed reply, I didn’t notice my response didn’t send correctly originally.