Crates wandering?

Anyone else having issues with the crates moving out of the shelf? Today is the first time my solo account has had this problem. When I load the game, random crates on my boat have left the shelves and are floating.
Ps4 new update.

Hi Wistariagold,

This is an issue the team are aware of and I believe there were adding a fix in the latest update.

Is this a pre-existing solo game this occured in or a new one you started in 2078?

Does it look like the image xGnomeGrownx posted here: Xbox X / 2074 / shelves & crates

Frozztastic mentioned they experienced the same but if they leave them alone for a few mins they often jump back into place.

Does this match what you’re experiencing? If so, I’ll alert the team that the fix did not take for you. If not, please elaborate on the issue and I’ll submit a new report.


This was a new game (on a new account, I got my own ps+ instead of sharing system user and purchased the game instead of the PlayStation + free we’ve been using for multiplayer on different systems) after patch 2074 before 2078. Picture is exactly what’s happening. I have not seen them snap back but have to completely empty the ship of crates onto land then put them back. I haven’t had a chance to play multiplayer yet but this was happening before 2078 in multiplayer. Notes: not sure if this is related to size of ship or possibly cartographer. I had created an island to harvest material building a bigger ship, shelves and crate. Then I went “home” and deleted island. Curious if some of the glitched material/items are from the custom island that’s no longer there?

Thanks for that information Wistariagold, I’ll add it to the report for the team and note that some of the items were from a custom island that was removed. If you notice this occuring when playing in version 2078 either solo or multiplayer, new or updated saves, please let me know.