Xbox X / 2074 / shelves & crates

Yesterday I loaded in a save and found the state of my raft as pictured. All the crates were not on their shelves, some mixed around, some literally just floating in air next to the shelf. I couldn’t even move my raft in this state. I gathered up all the crates (there are a lot of them) and tried to put them back, but two of the shelves wouldn’t work properly, the crates started off attaching to the second slot, not the lowest spot. I destroyed the affected container shelves and replaced them, which made the crates fit properly - but then I saved my game and exited, only for the same glitch to happen again. I re-gathered all the crates, and replaced another (different) two container shelves and played fine for hours - then I went back to my island and saved. Upon loading back in, I found it again! Seems to be whenever I save and exit the game! Another frustrating glitch this one is!

Game version 2074


Can confirm this is happening to me aswell on Xbox One …exact same scenario ,crates floating next to their shelves and also not being able to attach crates to shelves aswell.

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I’ve has this happen when loading a game, or going back to an island.

I have also noticed that if you avoid any interaction with any of the parts for a minute or so, it lets things load in.

I’ve watched everything pop into place a number of times, when it was looking like that.

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Hi xGnomeGrownx, thank you the details of your experience of this and for providing this image (That is an impressive raft and crate collection!). I have passed this image and your comment onto the team members investigating this issue. Should they have any further questions I’ll respond here in this thread.

@Mathmaddikt113 - Thank you for confirming you’ve seen the same. This helps me to track the frequency of the issue.

@Frozztastic - Thank you for letting me know you have seen them pop back into place if you do not interact. I’ve added this note to my report for the team.

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omg, your boat looks like an Amazon’s deposit LOL. So many boxes. Very nice man!!

I am experiencing this on PS4 as well. A multiplayer save I created before the most recent update. I get the same floating crates or occasionally the crates duplicate (There is one in the shelf and a second crate that’s half way infused with the first crate). Seems to happen more often with empty crates. Once you remove these crates, the shelf still thinks there is a crate in that particular slot on the shelf, so you can’t put a crate back where it was. Seems to be occurring during the ‘loading in’ phase upon returning to the island.

Hi LordRavenBlack,

Thank you for sharing that information. Have you experienced the issue in your save since the update to 2078?

I basically stopped sailing and make mini trips in the helicopter. I personally haven’t tried my raft on version 2078. I found it tedious to load and unload my raft every time I landfall and save.

Long setup but a tempt fix for the crates. I labelled the shelves then labelled the crates that went in each shelf (numbered 1-3, 4-6, etc) when it glitches it’s easy to put them back in their spot and it all works. Also deleted all cartographer islands and ditched all the crates I could from those islands. Seems to be minimizing the movement between loads/saves/any long pause in play.

Yes, I am still experiencing this glitch. I don’t load up my raft like I usually do now because of it. I was mistaken about it happening more to empty crates. The duplicated crates are always empty. Sometimes the crates will disappear if you leave them, so you can lose the stuff in the crates as well.

Yes, in fact somebody said that if wait long enough the crates will snap back into place and I’ll say that has never happened for me - in fact the longer I waited the worse it gets. The game jumbles all the crates and even their items, boxes with mix matched stuff, stuff just disappearing! I now unload all crates onto the beach and just know where everything goes back into my raft

Thanks @Wistarigold, @LordRavenBlack and @xGnomeGrownx for that info from each of your experiences. I’ll update the team and ask them to look into this issue again.

Yeah, the storage shelves are completely broken now. Even if you haven’t touched the shelves in ages, the crates in the shelves glitch, move, duplicate and disappear. It’s super random. I can’t see any particular cause. Happens to shelves on land and on rafts. Unusable at this point.

Thank you for this info LordRavenBlack, I’ll pass this comment onto the team. Would you say this issue has increased in frequency for you too or is it much the same as before?