Coop item bug for partner

[PS5][2083][Bug/Glitch] Co-op partner can see builds/items/raft all inside of each other, can’t access them

Have been playing Stranded the past couple months with a friend (I’m on PS4 and he’s on PS5) and have had a few disconnects but nothing game breaking, until tonight. We had finally found air tanks and were preparing to take on Lusca. We get everything ready to go and we set off for the battle, we take our raft and set anchor, we make a save on a sleeping bag and prepare to fight. Halfway thru the fight my friend disconnects. I end the session so that way we can start at a previous save so he and I can both get the progress for beating Lusca. We reload in and (from only his perspective) our raft is now inside the buoy that Lusca is hanging to, and he disconnects almost immediately after joining. So I take our raft back to our island, make a save and reload the world. He joins back, but upon entering he doesn’t see our raft, shack, tower, water stills, furnace, smoker, etc it’s all gone besides our Shelter, containers and Wollie. It’s perfectly fine on my screen, then he walks around and finds an entity inside the ground of our island that has the raft, tower, shack and everything else missing for him, in one big mass that he can’t interact with or do anything for but my screen shows nothing out of the ordinary. We had tried closing/reopening app, restart consoles, nothing fixed it on his end. Now he’s at the point of not wanting to return to this game because of the 50+ hours he just lost and I don’t blame him but I enjoy the game and would like to see how we can fix this bug/glitch/issue because we were both having a fun time.



No clue, just happened after my partner d/c’ing from the game mid boss fight

We tried to close/reopen app, reset consoles, load an older cloud save, it has perma bugged all his items into one mass half buried on our island.

This isn’t the best quality picture but that’s all of our items we’ve spent the last months building all inside of each other

Hi Vatch, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your gameplay for your friend, thank you for reporting this issue. I’ve seen players report similar issues to this, but if I recall them all correctly, they all affected the host as well as player2.

You mentioned that your friend cannot access items stuck in this space. In the image the sail is highlighted, are they able to interact with it or break it down or are they unable to interact with it even though the item is highlighting?

If they can interact with or break down some items, are the same items in their correct location on your console also affected?

When you saved on your sleeping bag before the boss fight, were you inside the boss square? And can you confirm for me if it was yourself or your friend who saved?

Unfortunately I do not know of a workaround for this issue, however if you have not done so already, it may be worth clearing the cache of your console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting.

Please also let me know if you move anything in your version, such as the furnace, stills etc, and replace them. Do they appear replaced in your friend’s version, or do they remain stuck in the center?

Lastly, if your friend has a second profile on their console that can play Stranded Deep, if they join your game as player 2 using that profile, are the items behaving the same way?

I completely understand how frustrating and disheartening this can be, especially for your friend. Any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team in their investigation into this issue.

A quick follow up, players have been discussing a similar issue in their MP game in the thread here: Bizarre glitches - the difference in their issue is it has happened for the host, not Player 2.

LeahW noted that if they reload 3-4 times everything usually rights itself. If you haven’t reloaded multiple times with your friend, and they are happy to give it a try, please do and let me know if it helps you at all.