Console Version Abandoned?

Curious if there is any news on console development. Kind of feeling a bit of buyers remorse, due to the statement they would bring it in line with the PC version, when they haven’t, and have been non-communicative.

I dont need content RIGHT NOW, I just want confirmation that the console players aren’t being left out to dry.


It has been awhile since I’ve been on here, and even haven’t been playing the game as much. Stranded Deep is the type of game you do end up leaving, but possibly come back to noticing new features and hopefully a next-gen update. I think the devs most definitely haven’t abandoned the console version. The only way the game will be up there with PC is updating it for next-gen consoles. To add more on the old-gen consoles would most likely bring terrible frame rates than it already has. I played the game last month, but it is sort of hard given the game runs pretty bad when compared to many of the ones pushing that next-gen performance. I really hope the next update is a big one.

Hi Frozztastic,

The console team are currently working on the next update for Stranded Deep. I don’t have a timeline or set list of what it’ll contain but we will be posting patch notes in the Console News and Announcements section once it is available.

I understand players would like more information and I will let the team know.

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Unfortunately game is dead on the console… On pc too. Small hotfixes withing few months… sad :frowning: Wasted potential.

If you could give us multiplayer I would be happy. I bought the game on xbox one and had fun but just felt lonely and felt another player or 2 would really send the gameplay up many levels. It’s been a long time but recently played it again on my series x and again enjoyed it but just felt like more players would be better. Oh and crates why can a crate thats 1000 times bigger than my pockets only hold 3 items when I can hold 8 or 9?
That’s it that’s all I need just to call a friend or 2 and tell them to get online so I can try to drown them or put a lion fish on their bed ect.

Thank you.

Saying that green hell is co-op and comes to console in june so I guess I can just buy that and have the survival co-op game I want but I just prefer the idea of being on the ocean because the deep oceans scare the crap out of me more than jungles lol

Many have been asking for co-op on the consoles, and I agree. These types of games, in order to keep alive, needs more updates throughout the year. I just think it’ll be better to push for an next-gen upgrade soon to be able to keep the game fresh given the power and performance the Series X and PS5 has over the last generation consoles. The Xbox Series X and PC versions should be neck and neck given they are nearly identical even more. PS5 being more Linux based might just take a bit longer if you don’t know the OS well. I don’t know. Maybe the devs are pushing for a Stranded Deep 2? Something bigger and better.

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Yeah, lots of other good options out there. Sadly, this one hasn’t been an option for a while. Only so much to do, when you’ve done everything.

I haven’t beaten the game yet. I feel like it will keep my attention from replaying it just for the fact of surviving alone. We will see what happens in the next update and after.

In my opinion , the game will be so hard to stay alive in multiplayer because we already struggling in food for one person , so what about 2 or 3 or even 4

Oh and good luck beating the game

I fought that Kraken monster and got my a** handed to me a couple times. If co-op was added then I’d assume they would up the number of items randomly spawned throughout the map. If it is a next-gen update, then I’m sure the map would be large like the PC as well. I actually have enough food and drink for another player if there were one.

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You are surrounded by an ocean full of fish how are you struggling for food?

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So much wasted potential.

Makes me oh so happy I bought the game at full price. Lesson learned. Won’t be buying anything these guys release on console again.

PC seems to be getting love, patches and fixes and such, console has been left abandoned. Pretty sure it may have been a money grab.

For fish u need fire and for fire u need wood and wood is really limited and u can’t grow back trees so yeah!

You can use Fibrous leaves for fuel too so technically you can grow fuel for fire. i have a yucca farm that provides both fuel and water for me.

It respawn in 3 days and u need it for crafting soooo

Resource island will always provide every need. Create the island, put what’s needed at the time, put it on map where always accessable, and if you still need resources, then just remove island from map, go into customize map, edit island, put whatever you need and bam, you have more resources! You can surplus on hogs and giant crabs, also, setup 3 or 4 bird traps, make 10-20 water stills, plus extra stills for rain water for your garden. Lol how you would run out of anything is beyond me

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This is kind of cheating , it’s not realistic at all :confused:

Lol it’s a game, nothing is realistic

I thought stranded deep is trying to be realistic :confused:

Sure, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a game lol. Not everything is guna be realistic but many aspects of the game are